Expand Your Search: Opportunities in Education, Nonprofit & Government

Despite COVID-19’s impact on the job market, there is still a strong demand for certain careers within the education, nonprofit, and government industry. As a member of this community, you possess valuable transferable skills that will help you land similar roles.

Here is our curated list of alternative career options to consider:


For Grads Interested in Teaching: Summer School Tutoring

Summer school teaching opportunities may be hard to come by right now. Instead, there is still a high need for Tutors, where you can build transferable skills to obtain a full-time teaching position  in the future. 

  • Transferable Skills: facilitation, problem solving, conflict resolution, instruction, interpersonal skills

Example: K-12 Academic Tutor and Mentor for City Year


For Master’s Grads Interested in Higher Education: Online Instruction

As enrollment at larger in-person universities declines, universities are forced to freeze hiring. Online universities and community colleges, however, are still hiring faculty and staff roles. Gain experience in these settings to prepare you for a future career in a larger university once hiring is safe to resume. 

  • Transferable Skills: leadership, networking, management, remote technology 

Example: Admission Advisor for Orbis Education


For Grads Interested in Social Work: Community Outreach Coordinator

Currently, the social work industry is hiring less. As a Community Outreach Coordinator you can still work with the community to improve the status of their health and overall well-being just as you would as a social worker. 

  • Transferable Skills: communication, case management, active listening, critical thinking, empathy

Example: Community and Outreach Coordinator VISTA 


For Grads Interested in Event Coordinator Roles: Marketing Associate

With all large events canceled, Non Profits no longer need Event Coordinators. Instead, consider a similar role within the Non Profit sector: the Marketing Associate. With social media and marketing becoming increasingly influential, there is still a high demand for these roles. 

  • Transferable Skills: creativity, organization, budgeting, attention to detail, planning, networking

Example: Marketing Associate for Upwardly Global, Inc


For Grads Interested in Fundraising: Program Manager

As most fundraising events and galas are postponed, Non Profits are not hiring Fundraising Chairs or Coordinators. To gain similar experience in fundraising and management, consider Program Manager positions. 

  • Transferable Skills: budgeting, grant writing, communication, outreach, program development   

Example: Children’s Music Education and Arts Camps Programs Manager for Old Town School of Folk Music


As the job market continues to evolve, the Career Center is here to help you highlight your transferable skills and explore different opportunities. Get started by making an appointment on Handshake

Expand Your Search: Opportunities in Business, Entrepreneurship & Consulting

While COVID-19 has negatively impacted hiring in certain areas, there are some job functions that are experiencing rapid growth. To take advantage of this growth, identify where the demand exists, and find opportunities that overlap with your education, skills, and experience. Below is a list of job functions with existing demand and the skills to highlight for each.

Digital Marketing/Ecommerce

  • Digital marketing promotes and advertises brands through digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.  Ecommerce marketers use tactics like email campaigns or social media to build brand awareness and increase sales. 
  • Skills:  Marketing, social media, data analysis, writing, and editing.


  • An accountant works with a company or organization to communicate its financial information.  Public accounting focuses more on the preparation and review of tax filings and audits, whereas corporate accounting includes working with businesses and maintaining their financial records.
  • Skills:  Analytical, quantitative, Excel, problem-solving, and communication.  


Consulting/Management Analyst

  • Consultants work with clients and organizations to offer solutions and expert advice on how to improve business performance.  They work in many areas including management, human resources, education, marketing, accounting, and finance.
  • Skills: Communication, problem-solving, decision-making, creative thinking.

Market Research Analyst/Specialist

  • The three main tasks for market researchers are the collection and analysis of market information, identifying market trends, and segmenting markets. Some of the tools they utilize are statistical analysis, surveys, secret shoppers, focus groups, and product tests.
  • Skills: Analytical, communication, Excel, attention to detail.

Finance / Revenue Analysts

  • Financial and revenue analysts work with businesses and individuals to help them make smart financial and investment decisions.  They analyze revenue and finances, and consult on the distribution of their money and assets.    
  • Skills: Problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical 


Don’t know what skills you have or want to build your skills in certain areas? Try these out:

  • Think back to a previous position/internship. List all of the tasks that you did in the position. Now list the skill(s) required to do each of the tasks. 
  • If you are still unsure of what skills you have or an area of interest then CareerExplorer is an awesome resource. It helps you identify your personality type, skills, and jobs that relate to your skills.
  • LinkedIn Learning
    • LinkedIn Learning is a tool that can help you develop a wide variety of skills. You can hone knowledge on different software and programs including Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.
    • DePaul students have access to LinkedIn Learning for free. This article provides tips on additional skills to develop using it.

Expand Your Search: Opportunities in Health Care & Science

COVID-19 has spurred changes in hiring across many health care and science fields and industries with demand growing substantially in some areas and shifting in others. Read on to learn about four areas within the Health Care and Science Career Community that are experiencing growths or shifts and how you can follow the demand while searching for jobs, internships, or other opportunities.  


Hospitals, including those in Chicago, are staffing up to meet the demand of COVID-19. While clinical roles and jobs that require advanced degrees and certifications, such as registered nurses, are in very high demand, hospitals and health systems such as Advocate Health Care and Northwestern Medicine are also hiring for a range of roles that are well-suited for new grads, career pivoters, and experienced professionals alike with a range of different backgrounds.

Check out roles at hospitals and health systems if you have a background or interest in: data analysis, analytics, informatics, IT, computer science, project management, laboratory science and research, public safety and security, or customer service.


Public Health

Public health roles are also in high demand due to COVID-19. The CDC Foundation, for example, is currently hiring for a range of positions within its COVID Response Corps, including contact tracers, epidemiologists, nurses, project managers, administrative assistants, and more. The City of Chicago is continuing to look for staff to support the City’s COVID-19 efforts, including in roles such as Support Liaison I and Shelter Aides.  

Check out roles in public health if you have a background or interest in: community health, health policy, health and human services, customer service, or patient care. 


Laboratory Testing & Diagnostics

Diagnostic and medical laboratories, including a number in Illinois, are avidly hiring for roles such as medical and microbiology technologists, laboratory technicians and aides, and laboratory supervisors and managers.  

Check out roles at laboratory testing and diagnostics companies if you have a background or interest in: chemistry, biology, medical technology, clinical research, or lab skills and experience.


Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy

The clean energy industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. Workforce reductions have been seen across a variety of areas including energy efficiency companies and solar and wind companies, as workers have been unable, in many cases, to access homes, buildings, panels, and turbines amid the pandemic. A number of organizations in the environmental and natural resource fields, however, have continued to post new jobs amid the virus that offer opportunities for current students and alums alike.

  • Have a background or interest in ecology, biology, or laboratory science? Check out roles at environmental consulting, engineering, and services firms.
  • Interested in environmental health? Organizations across a range of industries are seeking to fill environmental health and safety roles.
  • Interested in natural resources, recreation, or environmental education? Check out seasonal opportunities at summer camps and park districts, as well as (online) fitness and wellness organizations.


The Career Center is here to support you throughout your job search process. Make an advising appointment with us to brainstorm possible roles and organizations that might be a good fit for you and how you can leverage your background, skills, and experience to capitalize on changing and shifting demands amid COVID-19.

Who’s Hiring: Recruiting Trends in Technology & Design

COVID-19 has impacted nearly all industries across the United States economy. In the Tech & Design community (TD), many of the trends indicate a decline in hiring due to COVID-19; however, the trends in some sectors show continued hiring and others show increased demand. 


Big Tech Industry Continues to Hire

Big technology companies are still hiring. Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple are all hiring tech roles including engineers, data scientists, software designers, and cybersecurity experts. 

  • Facebook is hiring an additional 10,000 new workers this year, mostly in product design and software engineering. 
  • Google currently has over 3,000 open positions listed online. 
  • Amazon is looking to fill over 20,000 roles in technology.
  • Apple has listed new jobs in the past month including software engineers and product managers. 
  • Cisco Systems Inc. has pledged not to lay off any of its staff. 


Big Data & Network Security Jobs Are Still Growing

Before the pandemic, the data science industry was a growing sector of technology with a shortage of talent to fill these roles. The demand for data-oriented occupations and skill sets skyrocketed in 2019, with data engineers seeing a 50% increase in demand and data scientists seeing a 32% demand increase. While other sectors face layoffs, the Big Data & Data Analytics sectors are continuing to grow. 

  • Data Scientists growth expected.
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency reports that cybersecurity engineers, cybersecurity risk management jobs, and information technology staff are “essential for continued infrastructure viability.”
  • The sudden shift to remote and distance work created a dire need for cybersecurity professionals to secure networks, technology, and personnel activity. On LinkedIn alone, organizations posted 261,545 cybersecurity jobs that need to be filled.


Startups Hit Hard by COVID-19

In light of the pandemic, many startups have laid off all types of workers including recruiters, IT staff, and managers. 

  • According to startup exec Roger Lee, a total of 280 startups have laid off 21,609 employees since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic.
  • Lyft laid off nearly 1,000 workers.
  • Airbnb stopped hiring. 
  • Bird, an electric scooter startup, laid off 30% of its staff.
  • Toast, based in Boston, laid off  50% of its entire staff, 10% of which were based in Chicago.


Rise of Telemedicine & Tech in Healthcare

The pandemic has caused hospitals and doctors to think differently about how they serve patients. Many have embraced virtual doctor’s appointments through telemedicine. This rapid shift in medicine means more hospitals and doctors are hiring IT staff and telemedicine companies have increased job opportunities.

  • There is a demand for big data jobs in healthcare to help track COVID-19. 
  • Development of COVID-19 contact-tracing tool will need IT staff.
  • Increase in mobile health apps due to telehealth will require more IT workers.


For those within the TD community, it is more important than ever to stay current on industry trends and to ultimately follow the demand: track who’s hiring and who’s not and cater your search to those experiencing growth.


Hot Jobs for 2020 Tech Grads

Graduating during this time of economic uncertainty can be unsettling. Although the tech industry has seen its share of layoffs and it’s too early to tell the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the tech industry, certain sections of technology will continue to see growth. Here are five tech roles for 2020 tech grads to consider.

Cybersecurity/Network Engineer 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency named cybersecurity engineers, cybersecurity risk management jobs, and information technology staff as essential for continued infrastructure viability. These roles are critical to many businesses, especially since many have transitioned to online work. The number of COVID-related phishing attacks has skyrocketed, and the need for professionals to battle these attacks will expand. 

Data Scientist/Data Engineer  

Before the pandemic, the data science industry was a growing sector of technology, and there was a shortage of talent to fill data science roles. According to the Dice 2020 Tech Job Report, data engineers were the fastest-growing job in technology in 2019, with a 50% year-over-year growth in the number of open positions. While there have been layoffs in this area, data scientists and data engineers are critical to businesses’ data infrastructure, and this trend is unlikely to change due to COVID. 

Technology Support

Amid COVID, many companies have transitioned to remote work for the first time, and remote work will likely become a part of our workplace culture. The increase in remote work means that support services for technology have spiked. Support.com recently announced it is hiring for an unlimited number of remote support agent roles. 

Software Engineer (Cloud Computing) 

Cloud computing has become an essential function in many organizations. With the transition to remote work, the infrastructure needed to support remote work remains a challenge. Despite the lockdowns, there is still a need to distribute food and supplies. Since nearly all online retailers use the cloud to function, the need is greater as online activity surges. 

Application Developer

The rise in remote work and reliance on mobile applications will continue post-pandemic. According to Statista, there will be 7 billion mobile device users by 2021, with over 258 billion mobile downloads expected by 2022. Mobile device users are spending 87% of their time on mobile apps. While times are uncertain for many, developers will be needed to carry out critical business functions. 

Do you need help searching for jobs in tech? Curious about how your skills can apply to any of the above roles? Schedule a virtual advising appointment today! 

Health Care & Science Companies Hiring During COVID-19

Given the increased focus on health and science during the COVID-19 pandemic, many health care and science companies are still hiring and are in urgent need of new employees! Need help? Meet with our Health Care & Science Career Community team, and schedule a virtual appointment in Handshake.  

Here are some companies in Chicago and Illinois who are still hiring. Apply today!


  • Northwestern: Hiring for a range of both clinical and non-clinical roles
  • University of Chicago: Hiring for clinical roles, including pharmacy techs, and for non-clinical roles
  • Rush: Hiring for roles in nursing, research, clinical support, and more

Health Insurance

  • Aetna: Hiring for a number of positions, including analyst roles
  • Humana: Hiring for a variety remote roles
  • Anthem: Hiring for roles in areas such as info tech, management and business support, data analysis, and medical

Public Health

Environment, Energy, & Sustainability

Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices

  • Abbott: Hiring for sales, customer support, tech support, and other remote roles
  • AbbVie: Hiring for positions in areas such as research and development and information technology


  • CVS: Hiring for numerous roles, including pharmacy technicians
  • Walgreens: Hiring for numerous roles, including pharmacy technicians