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Expand Your Search: Opportunities in Health Care & Science

COVID-19 has spurred changes in hiring across many health care and science fields and industries with demand growing substantially in some areas and shifting in others. Read on to learn about four areas within the Health Care and Science Career Community that are experiencing growths or shifts and how you can follow the demand while searching for jobs, internships, or other opportunities.  


Hospitals, including those in Chicago, are staffing up to meet the demand of COVID-19. While clinical roles and jobs that require advanced degrees and certifications, such as registered nurses, are in very high demand, hospitals and health systems such as Advocate Health Care and Northwestern Medicine are also hiring for a range of roles that are well-suited for new grads, career pivoters, and experienced professionals alike with a range of different backgrounds.

Check out roles at hospitals and health systems if you have a background or interest in: data analysis, analytics, informatics, IT, computer science, project management, laboratory science and research, public safety and security, or customer service.


Public Health

Public health roles are also in high demand due to COVID-19. The CDC Foundation, for example, is currently hiring for a range of positions within its COVID Response Corps, including contact tracers, epidemiologists, nurses, project managers, administrative assistants, and more. The City of Chicago is continuing to look for staff to support the City’s COVID-19 efforts, including in roles such as Support Liaison I and Shelter Aides.  

Check out roles in public health if you have a background or interest in: community health, health policy, health and human services, customer service, or patient care. 


Laboratory Testing & Diagnostics

Diagnostic and medical laboratories, including a number in Illinois, are avidly hiring for roles such as medical and microbiology technologists, laboratory technicians and aides, and laboratory supervisors and managers.  

Check out roles at laboratory testing and diagnostics companies if you have a background or interest in: chemistry, biology, medical technology, clinical research, or lab skills and experience.


Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy

The clean energy industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. Workforce reductions have been seen across a variety of areas including energy efficiency companies and solar and wind companies, as workers have been unable, in many cases, to access homes, buildings, panels, and turbines amid the pandemic. A number of organizations in the environmental and natural resource fields, however, have continued to post new jobs amid the virus that offer opportunities for current students and alums alike.

  • Have a background or interest in ecology, biology, or laboratory science? Check out roles at environmental consulting, engineering, and services firms.
  • Interested in environmental health? Organizations across a range of industries are seeking to fill environmental health and safety roles.
  • Interested in natural resources, recreation, or environmental education? Check out seasonal opportunities at summer camps and park districts, as well as (online) fitness and wellness organizations.


The Career Center is here to support you throughout your job search process. Make an advising appointment with us to brainstorm possible roles and organizations that might be a good fit for you and how you can leverage your background, skills, and experience to capitalize on changing and shifting demands amid COVID-19.

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