Expand Your Search: Opportunities in Business, Entrepreneurship & Consulting

While COVID-19 has negatively impacted hiring in certain areas, there are some job functions that are experiencing rapid growth. To take advantage of this growth, identify where the demand exists, and find opportunities that overlap with your education, skills, and experience. Below is a list of job functions with existing demand and the skills to highlight for each.

Digital Marketing/Ecommerce

  • Digital marketing promotes and advertises brands through digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.  Ecommerce marketers use tactics like email campaigns or social media to build brand awareness and increase sales. 
  • Skills:  Marketing, social media, data analysis, writing, and editing.


  • An accountant works with a company or organization to communicate its financial information.  Public accounting focuses more on the preparation and review of tax filings and audits, whereas corporate accounting includes working with businesses and maintaining their financial records.
  • Skills:  Analytical, quantitative, Excel, problem-solving, and communication.  


Consulting/Management Analyst

  • Consultants work with clients and organizations to offer solutions and expert advice on how to improve business performance.  They work in many areas including management, human resources, education, marketing, accounting, and finance.
  • Skills: Communication, problem-solving, decision-making, creative thinking.

Market Research Analyst/Specialist

  • The three main tasks for market researchers are the collection and analysis of market information, identifying market trends, and segmenting markets. Some of the tools they utilize are statistical analysis, surveys, secret shoppers, focus groups, and product tests.
  • Skills: Analytical, communication, Excel, attention to detail.

Finance / Revenue Analysts

  • Financial and revenue analysts work with businesses and individuals to help them make smart financial and investment decisions.  They analyze revenue and finances, and consult on the distribution of their money and assets.    
  • Skills: Problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical 


Don’t know what skills you have or want to build your skills in certain areas? Try these out:

  • Think back to a previous position/internship. List all of the tasks that you did in the position. Now list the skill(s) required to do each of the tasks. 
  • If you are still unsure of what skills you have or an area of interest then CareerExplorer is an awesome resource. It helps you identify your personality type, skills, and jobs that relate to your skills.
  • LinkedIn Learning
    • LinkedIn Learning is a tool that can help you develop a wide variety of skills. You can hone knowledge on different software and programs including Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.
    • DePaul students have access to LinkedIn Learning for free. This article provides tips on additional skills to develop using it.

Who’s Hiring: Recruiting Trends in the Business, Entrepreneurship & Consulting Community

Accounting, Audit & Compliance

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are in demand right now as accountants are needed to triage the impact of COVID-19 on businesses.  It is encouraging to note that accounting firms are hiring during the pandemic. Public accounting firms are transitioning well to remote work, including for internships and new hires, though some firms are adjusting the length of their internship programs. EY, Deloitte, KPMG, and RSM are among the top companies posting between March 2019-2020. 

Companies hiring now in Chicago:

    • Baker Tilly: Needs in Consulting, Audit, Tax, Assurance, and more. 
    • Porte Brown: Midsize Accounting firm hiring now. 
    • Exelon: Corporate accounting opportunity at a large scale Energy Provider company. 


Banking & Financial Services

Going remote in the banking industry has increased collaboration between Fintech startups and big banks. The industry’s trend toward digital banking prior to COVID-19 has accelerated, and companies are increasingly focusing more on analytics in hiring. Higher levels of remote access have also raised new cybersecurity concerns, increasing the banking industry’s need for more expertise in this area. J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Northern Trust are among the top companies posting between March 2019-2020. 

Companies hiring now in Chicago:

    • E*Trade: Fintech company, collaboration with Morgan Stanley. Roles in Product Development, Mobile Quality Assurance, Trading, Web Development, and more. 
    • Morningstar: Business needs in Product, Analyst Roles, Customer Success, and more.
    • Bank of America: Hiring across Relationship Management, Operations, and Analyst functional areas. 


Hospitality & Retail

While travel and tourism are hurting immensely, along with the restaurant industry, there have been reverse growth trends for food service and grocery services, with many large companies hiring in those areas. Revenue management and analytics are two areas of employment that will be in demand in the recovery of the hospitality industry. Gamestop Inc., Walgreens, Boots, and Menard Inc. are among the top companies hiring between March 2019-2020. 

Companies hiring now in Chicago:

    • PepsiCo: Financial Analyst, Customer Management, and Shopper Marketing roles are open in the Chicago office.
    • Kroger: People Services Management, E-Commerce, and Retail Clerks are among the needs of this large grocery store chain.
    • KraftHeinz: Analyst roles across the board are in particular need in the Chicago office.


Human Resources

With a changing landscape to how we work, there has been increased investment in remote workers. A few notable trends include companies creating Employee Resource groups for families doing remote work, and there has been growth in curriculum development for hiring, onboarding, and training remote employees. Technology-wise, an emphasis on internal communication has led to the rise of tools like Slack, and there has also been growth in companies’ usage of AI in the hiring process. 

Companies hiring now in Chicago:

    • GoHealth: This healthcare company is hiring for multiple Human Resources positions.
    • KellyMitchell: This women-owned technical recruiting firm is hiring across multiple HR areas. 
    • RHM Staffing Solutions: Staffing firm focusing on commercial and engineering staffing. 


Logistics & Operations

The logistics industry is facing a large demand across consumer goods, including grocery retail and healthcare supplies in particular. This spike in demand has been met with challenges that include protecting the public health of employees on the front lines in procurement and delivery. To protect employees and speed transport, the logistics industry is looking to digitize through increased AI, autonomous drones, and robotics. AbbVie, Anthem Inc., and Oracle are among the top companies posting between March 2019-2020.

Companies hiring now in Chicago:

    • C.H. Robinson: Large logistics company in Chicago, partner with DePaul’s Center for Sales Leadership, hiring for a variety of roles, including Logistics Representatives, Account Managers, and Project Managers. 
    • Flexport: Another logistics company to watch in technology innovation, hiring across Sales and Analyst roles. 
    • Nolan Transportation Group: Hiring across Account Management and Carrier Sales divisions.


Management & Organizational Leadership

All major consulting firms are currently hiring, although there has been a noticeable shift from an education-based hiring strategy to experience-based hiring. Most companies are now looking for experience, education, and leadership in that order, and we recommend that candidates highlight their analytical abilities throughout the application process. 

Companies hiring now in Chicago:


Market Research & Analysis

While there has been a negative impact on growth due to the pandemic, there are bright spots across research and development in Market Research and e-commerce in marketing. Consumer demand for personalized content has also reached an all-time high and is continuing to grow powered by AI. Oracle Corporation, AbbVie, and Medline Industries are among the top companies posting between March 2019-2020. 

Companies hiring now in Chicago:

    • Epsilon: This data-driven global marketing firm is looking to grow its Chicago office. 
    • Peapod Digital Labs: Growing across e-commerce, B2B Optimization, and media management. 
    • IRi: Research and development and client insights are among the open opportunities at IRi.


Interested in receiving advice on your application for these positions, or curious about how to reach out to employers during a pandemic? Make an appointment with your Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Career Community Advisor here


Advice for the Class of 2020 from Employers in BEC Industries

By: Emily Komendera, Assistant Director of Employer Engagement

If you are searching for a job or internship, employers are out there looking for you on Handshake! Take a look at this list of 500 companies who are hiring now.

In the Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Career Community, we’ve seen COVID-19 impact our employers on both ends of the spectrum. From almost complete shutdowns in the travel and tourism sector of Hospitality to the boom in e-commerce from grocery and consumer package goods delivery, there have been a lot of highs and lows.

Below is some great advice for 2020 graduates from employers in Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting industries.

Your Own Expectations Can Limit You

Perhaps no other age group understands more than those who have graduated during the financial crisis of the 2000s. 

This article from Newsweek has great insight on how to prepare for job searching in a turbulent economy, “Get out of the mindset that it has to be a perfect job. You can start anywhere and ultimately get where you want to be,” says workplace expert Lindsey Pollak, who learned her job hunting skills while looking for work in New York City right after 9/11. 

“Any job can teach you something valuable for your career moving forward.” Your own expectations can sometimes be your biggest roadblock, because the truth is, there are many types of work you might enjoy. 

Oh The Places You’ll Go

Now more than ever, pivoting your career is the new norm. Twelve is the magic number for the average number of jobs held by an individual throughout their lifetime, and the first position you have out of college can surprise you with the variety of paths it can lead to. 

“Initially, after college I wanted to work in the education field but found that my skills were transferable to the private security industry (which is hiring now). This has turned into an awesome and rewarding career.”
– Joshua Rich, G4S Solutions via LinkedIn

If you are looking for some industry inspiration, take a look at these industries that are growing amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The Power of Loose Ties 

If you’ve been in our office in the DePaul Career Center, you’ve perhaps heard about the “Hidden Job Market” before, and the importance of networking. Where is the best place to start, you may be wondering…

“In general, it is also useful to think about dormant ties, meaning people you have not been in touch with for quite a while but they are people you may have been close with in the past,” – Dorie Clark, author of “Entrepreneurial You” and Business Professor at Duke and Colombia

This means that people you already know might be able to help lead you to your next opportunity, and having a direct introduction or connection to an employer makes all the difference. “Most people are looking for some kind of assurance that their new employee will work out,” says Clark, and a connection of some sort “Puts you at the head of the pack compared to someone who they have no knowledge or data about.”

Putting This Advice into Practice

A great place to start looking for loose ties would be to make a list of companies and/or industries you’d like to work for. Then, go to LinkedIn, and search for those companies and industries, and note your 1st degree connections and 2nd degree connections. 

Take a look at those, and reach out to your 1st degree connections for an informational interview if the type of work they do interests you. Reach out to your 2nd degree connections for an introduction to the individual who works at the company you’re interested in. 


Bottom Line: While it may not feel this way at the moment, you have so many more options than you think you do in your career, and reframing some of that anxious energy to excitement can be just the boost you need to kick start this exploration journey! 

Making an appointment with your BEC Career Advising team can provide just the dose of inspiration that you need.