In Case You Missed It: Business Not as Usual Event

At the “Business Not As Usual” event May 12, the BEC community welcomed four of our great alumni to share the strategies they employed in clinching their respective jobs during the pandemic. If you couldn’t attend it, you can watch the recording of the event here: 

You can also learn more about our alumni panelists through their LinkedIn profiles below, who graciously agreed that we could all connect with them.

While the pandemic marked a period of many uncertainties for both job seekers and employers, Shannon said she learned to not lose hope despite the uncertainty, and it paid off eventually. Though, it was a challenge it was for her to switch to remote work mode as she was just getting to know her new colleagues at work before the pandemic really took a turn.

To stand out from the competition during the job search, Michelle mentioned that she curated a portfolio summary of her body of work in addition to her resume. She also emphasized how important it is that new hires prove their worth early in the job. In other words, don’t assume your new colleagues know your capabilities well enough.

When asked what the panelists wish they would have done differently in their remote jobs, Genevieve stated that she would take more advantage of the online employee resources like yoga classes offered during her internship and utilize the time to enhance her wellbeing. Christina said she would get more involved with the different employee resources groups at work in order to network strategically.

Finally, when asked about how they would like to return to work, they all agreed that a good mix of both remote and in-person work would go a long way, and employers would do well to remain flexible on this topic.

Expand Your Search: Opportunities in Business, Entrepreneurship & Consulting

While COVID-19 has negatively impacted hiring in certain areas, there are some job functions that are experiencing rapid growth. To take advantage of this growth, identify where the demand exists, and find opportunities that overlap with your education, skills, and experience. Below is a list of job functions with existing demand and the skills to highlight for each.

Digital Marketing/Ecommerce

  • Digital marketing promotes and advertises brands through digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.  Ecommerce marketers use tactics like email campaigns or social media to build brand awareness and increase sales. 
  • Skills:  Marketing, social media, data analysis, writing, and editing.


  • An accountant works with a company or organization to communicate its financial information.  Public accounting focuses more on the preparation and review of tax filings and audits, whereas corporate accounting includes working with businesses and maintaining their financial records.
  • Skills:  Analytical, quantitative, Excel, problem-solving, and communication.  


Consulting/Management Analyst

  • Consultants work with clients and organizations to offer solutions and expert advice on how to improve business performance.  They work in many areas including management, human resources, education, marketing, accounting, and finance.
  • Skills: Communication, problem-solving, decision-making, creative thinking.

Market Research Analyst/Specialist

  • The three main tasks for market researchers are the collection and analysis of market information, identifying market trends, and segmenting markets. Some of the tools they utilize are statistical analysis, surveys, secret shoppers, focus groups, and product tests.
  • Skills: Analytical, communication, Excel, attention to detail.

Finance / Revenue Analysts

  • Financial and revenue analysts work with businesses and individuals to help them make smart financial and investment decisions.  They analyze revenue and finances, and consult on the distribution of their money and assets.    
  • Skills: Problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical 


Don’t know what skills you have or want to build your skills in certain areas? Try these out:

  • Think back to a previous position/internship. List all of the tasks that you did in the position. Now list the skill(s) required to do each of the tasks. 
  • If you are still unsure of what skills you have or an area of interest then CareerExplorer is an awesome resource. It helps you identify your personality type, skills, and jobs that relate to your skills.
  • LinkedIn Learning
    • LinkedIn Learning is a tool that can help you develop a wide variety of skills. You can hone knowledge on different software and programs including Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.
    • DePaul students have access to LinkedIn Learning for free. This article provides tips on additional skills to develop using it.

Industries Growing Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

By: Christina Danno, BEC Career Community Ambassador

The COVID-19 outbreak has left many businesses with no choice but to temporarily close or adjust to working remotely. However, a few industries have been impacted differently and have seen expansion because of it.


animal crossing
Image: Nintendo EPD

Considering the amount of time people are now spending at home, gaming has become much more popular. For example, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” which was released March 20, had one of its biggest launches to date. According to Digital Trends, it “is the game we need right now – and the one people are buying.” It is fun, yet relaxing, and allows gamers to play in real-time and participate in activities like fishing or planting flowers, which can help take away from the stress of not being able to leave your house all day.    

Video Conferencing

Smart working and video conference

Another industry that has been doing well is remote conferencing services. For example, Zoom has become one of the top choices for connecting with coworkers while working from home. According to The Washington Post, it has become the third most downloaded app in the App Store this month. Its stocks reached an all-time high, doubling its price from last year. Not only are people using Zoom for work conferences, but also for online schooling, workout classes and even virtual movie nights with friends! 

Social Media


Further, social media seems to be the answer for those looking to stay connected with friends and keep up to date with all the latest news. Digital media outlets have seen consumption and user activity grow since the pandemic.

According to A.List, the company analyzed data from over 2000 Tik Tok influencers and noticed engagement increased to 27 percent from February to March. In fact, many Tik Tok creators who have been on the app for a while have made funny videos mocking those who used to make fun of the app, but now are trying to go viral because of all the free time they have. also studied Instagram and noticed ad posts had a 75 percent increase of likes over the past few weeks.

Sanitary Products


In addition to all these industries, the one that has shown the most obvious growth is safeguard health products. According to USA Today, sales of hand sanitizers, masks and gloves increased over 800% in just one month because of the outbreak.

With the fear of getting sick and catching germs, citizens are doing everything they can to protect themselves at all costs. Not only that, but toilet paper and Lysol products have also been sold out at many stores for weeks. Although many stores are restocking, they are putting a limit for certain products to keep from selling out so quickly once again.

For these industries, there is some positivity in the air. However, thousands of employees have been laid off because the companies they worked for had to shut down due to the pandemic.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, Walgreens and CVS are planning to hire 60,000 employees. This includes delivery drivers, distribution center employees and customer service professionals. They will organize virtual job fairs and interviews, with an extra focus on hospitality workers since their industry has been having a tough time from the outbreak.

CVS is providing employees with bonuses from $150 to $500, and Walgreens, a one-time payment of $300 for full-time employees and $150 for part-time. Along with that, both companies are offering 25 days of child, elderly or adult-dependent care for employees, as well as paid sick leave.

For many, this may feel like a stressful time. But it is good to be reminded that there are companies working to help those that may need it, whether it be through entertainment, health & safety or expanded job opportunities.