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5 Ways to Gain Health Care & Science Experience During COVID-19

By Betsy Cahill, Career Community Advisor, Health Care & Science

While the job market has shifted over the past couple of months, there are still numerous ways to continue gaining experience, honing new skills, making connections, and exploring career paths.

1. Remote Internships

As many internships are moving from in-person to remote for the summer, this opens even more doors to possible organizations and opportunities you can target in different cities, states, or even countries! To find remote opportunities, use “remote” as a keyword or filter when searching in platforms like Handshake and Indeed. Don’t forget to highlight your experience with remote work tools, such as Zoom, in your applications!

2. Micro-Internships

Micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments that are similar to those given to interns or new hires. Completing a micro-internship project can help you gain valuable experience, translate your coursework into practice or learn new skills. Find micro-internship opportunities here.

3. Remote Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to gain industry-specific experience, get exposed to organizations doing interesting work, and expand your skillset. From manning crisis hotlines and tutoring to sewing face masks and supporting community organizations, volunteer opportunities abound. Find one that would be a good fit for you at, One Good Deed Chicago, or Serve Illinois.

4. Online Trainings & Certifications

Build your skills through online training platforms such as LinkedIn Learning (free for DePaul students), Coursera, Skillshare, and FutureLearn.

5. Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are a low-pressure, highly productive way to explore careers, build your network, and practice your interviewing skills. Talking with people working directly in roles and fields of interest to you is one of the best ways to get direct job-related, industry-specific insight and advice. Learn more about informational interviews here, and find DePaul alums to connect with through the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network and LinkedIn.


Have questions or want to chat more about ways to build your resume and skillset? Make an advising appointment with our Health Care and Science team – we are excited to work with you!

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