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Meet Erika Arias ’17, Senior Analyst at Invenergy

The Health Care & Science (HCS) Career Community wants to introduce students to a wide range of careers. Students may be familiar with popular clinical roles (e.g., nurse, physician, veterinarian), but less familiar with jobs in healthcare data analytics, renewable energy, or biotech research.  

Invenergy is a private renewable energy company that focuses on power generation development and operations. In this interview, Debbie Kaltman (HCS Employer Engagement Specialist) spoke with Double Demon Erika Arias (Sustainable Management ‘18) to learn about her educational and career journey, her current role as a Senior Analyst at Invenergy, and her insights to students on exploring different opportunities.

Erika’s background in environmental studies, economics, and sustainability led her to find a job at Invenergy that aligns well with her qualifications and interests. As a Senior Analyst, she collaborates with different teams and assesses projects to make them possible from a realistic, applicable perspective. She is involved with renewable energy projects throughout the Midwest, primarily focusing on solar and wind. Erika views the ability to learn on the job as the most challenging (but also rewarding!) aspect of her role. There are always opportunities to learn and grow as a leader and a team member, making every work day a new adventure.

Erika’s advice to current students: “Be engaged as much as you can. Find student organizations, internships, and scholarships. Build your network! DePaul is a really good university that helps and gives students a lot of opportunities to take advantage of.”

Check out the full video below to learn more!


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