Meet Erika Arias ’17, Senior Analyst at Invenergy

The Health Care & Science (HCS) Career Community wants to introduce students to a wide range of careers. Students may be familiar with popular clinical roles (e.g., nurse, physician, veterinarian), but less familiar with jobs in healthcare data analytics, renewable energy, or biotech research.  

Invenergy is a private renewable energy company that focuses on power generation development and operations. In this interview, Debbie Kaltman (HCS Employer Engagement Specialist) spoke with Double Demon Erika Arias (Sustainable Management ‘18) to learn about her educational and career journey, her current role as a Senior Analyst at Invenergy, and her insights to students on exploring different opportunities.

Erika’s background in environmental studies, economics, and sustainability led her to find a job at Invenergy that aligns well with her qualifications and interests. As a Senior Analyst, she collaborates with different teams and assesses projects to make them possible from a realistic, applicable perspective. She is involved with renewable energy projects throughout the Midwest, primarily focusing on solar and wind. Erika views the ability to learn on the job as the most challenging (but also rewarding!) aspect of her role. There are always opportunities to learn and grow as a leader and a team member, making every work day a new adventure.

Erika’s advice to current students: “Be engaged as much as you can. Find student organizations, internships, and scholarships. Build your network! DePaul is a really good university that helps and gives students a lot of opportunities to take advantage of.”

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Meet Juliann Krupa, Coordinator of Guest Engagement & Learning Programs Specialist at John G. Shedd Aquarium

The Health Care & Science (HCS) Career Community wants to introduce students to a wide range of careers. Students may be familiar with popular clinical roles (e.g., nurse, physician, veterinarian), but less familiar with jobs like healthcare data analytics, health administration, or biotech research.  

Juliann Krupa - Learning Programs Specialist - John G. Shedd Aquarium |  LinkedIn

Today, we want to highlight a science educator at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. In a virtual interview, Debbie Kaltman (HCS Employer Engagement Specialist) met with Juliann Krupa (DePaul ‘20, MS in Science Education) to share her educational and career journey, her current role as a Learning Programs Specialist, and advice for students interested in science education.

Juliann had many experiences in the museum industry to gain knowledge of animal care and conservation work. Through these opportunities, she discovered her passion for interacting with learners of all ages. As an informal educator, Juliann designs and implements different projects and programs for the aquarium and interacts with new guests of all ages and backgrounds.  She finds teaching and learning from museum guests to be very rewarding. 

Juliann shared her insights on informal education: “Being in informal education is a great way to test out if you would like to teach. If you’re not necessarily interested in teaching in the formal classroom, there are all kinds of opportunities at museums, forest preserves, and historical houses. There are a lot of opportunities in areas that are perhaps not ones you might think of right at the top of your head.”

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Shedd Aquarium

Work at Shedd


Meet Peter Wild Crea, Rehabilitation Aide at Athletico

The Health Care & Science (HCS) Career Community wants to introduce students to a wide range of careers from popular clinical roles (e.g., nurse, physician, veterinarian) to jobs like healthcare data analytics, health administration, or biotech research.  

Today, we want to highlight a fantastic job seen on the resumes of numerous DePaul students: Rehabilitation Assistant or Aide at Athletico. In a recent virtual interview, Debbie Kaltman (HCS Employer Engagement Specialist) met with Peter Wild Crea (DePaul ‘22, Health Sciences) to discuss his educational experiences, career journey, and insights for students interested in clinical health professions. 

As a current pre-med student at DePaul, Peter’s passion for health and patient care allowed him to explore many opportunities on and off campus. Shadowing a physical therapist at Athletico led to a job as a Rehabilitation Aide in which Peter has a wide range of responsibilities, including patient support, sanitation, and administrative work. Through this role, Peter builds close relationships with patients, learns about the human body and healthcare systems, and gains valuable clinical experience. Additionally, Peter continues to create opportunities for himself and develop his skills as a Peer Health Educator and student organization leader in order to prepare for a future in medical school.

A valuable token of advice from Peter for fellow students: “Lead with your passion, but also allow your passions to change.”

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Check out employment opportunities at Athletico here.

Meet Mai Hong, Senior Operations Program Manager at Teladoc Health

Here at the Health Care & Science Career Community, we want to introduce students to a wide range of careers in those industries. Students may be familiar with popular clinical roles (nurse, physician, veterinarian), but not with jobs like healthcare data analytics or administration, or biotech research.  

Livongo & Teladoc Health (a recently merged company) is “transforming the healthcare experience and empowering people everywhere to live healthier lives.”  Teladoc is a leader in telehealth, or virtual healthcare, providing virtual primary health care, mental health and chronic care management (including diabetes, high blood pressure and weight loss).    

Mai Hong is Senior Operations Program Manager at Teladoc, and recently offered her advice to current students interested in careers in healthcare startups, as well as health administration & management and health data, analytics and informatics (learn more about these industries here!)

Q: Can you explain what your job is? What do you do on a daily/weekly basis?
A: I’m a Senior Operations Program Manager. On a daily basis, I work with our eligibility department to make sure that we’re enrolling members. On a weekly basis, I work cross-functionally with other teams to set up clients and figure out how to scale operations as our company grows.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about your job? 
A: We’re a young company so everything we do is figuring out: how are we as a company going to do this? It’s a lot of fun to create things from scratch. There are no playbooks so we can be really creative and innovative about how we approach things

Q: What do you find most challenging? 
A: We’re growing very quickly so the other part of my job is to build things out that are scalable. So what we build today that works when we have 100 members, will it work tomorrow when we have 1000 members?

Q: Looking back, what were your most meaningful experiences from undergrad/grad school? (Internships, jobs, classes, student organizations, etc) 
A: I participated in hackathons during grad school and it made me realize I love working in fast paced environments that come up with out-of-the-box solutions. It also helped me understand how to put together pitches that would appeal to stakeholders.

Q: What advice do you have for students looking to enter biotech/health tech/health startup worlds? 
A: Ask a lot of questions! Health startups move quickly so there’s a lot of value in people that can get up to speed quickly and ask critical questions. 

Interested in learning more? Check out careers at Teladoc and careers at Livongo.  Learn more about careers in health care and science here!

Health Care & Science: Top podcasts to learn more about the industry

Spending a lot more time at home? Need something to keep you busy on your outdoor walks? One great way to gain insider knowledge into Health Care & Science careers is by listening to podcasts! 

Podcasts are usually free, often created by fantastic experts, and can help you learn no matter where you are in your career journey. Listen through Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts or any comparable app.  

  • The #HCBiz Show: #HCBiz describes itself as a “practical podcast on the business of healthcare.” Hosts Don Lee and Shahid Shah help break down challenges in healthcare, why they exist and how to work around them, plus they explore psychology, healthcare IT, policy and administration. A well-rounded listen for anyone interested in the intersections of healthcare and business or healthcare and IT!
  • Healthcare Rap: A unique combination, for sure! Podcast team “#digitalhealth influencer” and rapper Jared Johnson and health care industry veteran Peter Balistrieri discuss new ways to market health care. Join their posse for unique insights on health care presented in an approachable format! 
  • Science Vs: Join super enthusiastic host Wendy Zuckerman and her team of friendly fact checkers as they disprove “your firmly held opinions and replace them with science…wondering whether you should drink detox teas like an insta-celeb, or believe your drunk uncle’s rant about gun control?” Listen in and learn today!
  • Ologies with Alie Ward: Maybe you’re an aspiring biologist… but do you know about toxinology (the study of jellyfish venom) or gastroegyptology (the science of bread baking!) or plumology (the study of feathers)? Learn about “ologies” familiar and exotic in this unique science podcast!-Gastropod: Gastropod “looks at food through the lens of science and history.” Co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley cook up two new episodes a month, and their most recent delves into “the most dangerous fruit in America” (the watermelon, thanks to its intertwining history with racism).  Listen and learn (preferably on a full stomach!)

Key takeaways:

  • Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn about employers, industries and career paths
  • Use your extra time at home or when walking to learn through podcasts
  • Check out our recommended health care & science podcasts and ask your friends, professors and internship supervisors for recommendations too!

How I Got This Job: Torin Grogan ’18

By: Sabrina Salvador, Health Care & Science Career Community Ambassador

On Thursday, October 15, the Health Care & Science Career Community team sat down with DePaul students to learn about the educational and career journey of DePaul alum, Torin Grogan (Class of 2018). From a Health Sciences major on a pre-med track to a Rehab Clinical Assistant aspiring to become a physical therapist, Torin shared his story of getting involved in mentoring, leadership, and research opportunities while at DePaul and clinical experiences afterwards. In this event, he highlighted his experiences of exploring a variety of clinical health professions which allowed him to discover his own career passions and goals.

Check out the video below for the full event!

Torin’s career pivot from doctor to physical therapist:

During my gap year I realized my heart wasn’t in the right place for medical school. I slowly started asking myself, “Do I really want to be a doctor? Do I really want this to be the rest of my life?” Then, something clicked right before I submitted my medical school applications. I did not want to go to medical school anymore, but I had to think, “What are my options? What am I going to do?” At this point, I had a job as a Rehab Clinical Assistant at Lurie Children’s Hospital. This is what I’m currently doing now. I remember working one day with other physical therapists in the room and they asked, “Torin, why do you want to be a doctor?” I told them my story, then the manager of the PT Department laughed in the background and said, “Torin, it sounds like you want to be a PT!” And everyone echoed, “Yeah, it sounds like you want to be a PT! Everything you described is what a PT is!” Then I started researching what a PT was, and I started job shadowing PTs. I absolutely fell in love with what PTs were. 

Encouraging career exploration for pre-health students:

Explore all of your options before committing to something that you don’t fully understand. For example, most pre-med students commit their freshman year to becoming a doctor before shadowing, working in a clinic, or understanding what being a doctor really is. I would say do your research and explore all of your options first by shadowing different positions, watching videos, etc. I formed my identity around becoming a doctor, and once I gave that up I thought, “Who am I?” It was a weird transition, but it’s okay to change. I’m still young, and I have time to figure it out. Don’t be in a rush just to figure it out. It’s okay to pivot and change directions, but do your research and really figure out, “Is this something you can do every single day for your life? Is this your true passion? What’s important to you?”

Advice on following your passions and achieving your goals:

Do what you’re passionate about. If you enjoy something, do it and get those experiences. Own what you like to do! Follow your passions! Take every opportunity you can find at DePaul. There are so many opportunities at DePaul and you never know what you’re going to fall in love with.

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