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Internship Plu$ Spotlight: Humor for Hope


The Internship Plu$ Program awards $1,200 to eligible undergraduate students working a quarter-long, unpaid internship while enrolled in a UIP or departmental internship course.

Marisa is a senior majoring in English. She interned at Humor for Hope and is a recipient of DePaul’s Internship Plu$ award. Marisa received academic credit for her internship through ENG 392.

Q: Tell us about your internship.

A: “Humor for Hope uses improvisational comedy as a form of therapy for children and individuals dealing with trauma, acute, chronic and terminal illness. As an intern, I worked in research and grant writing, compiling information that corresponds to the benefits of humor in health care and healing and applying it to grant proposals.”

Q: How did you learn about this opportunity and why were you interested in it?

A: “While interning at iO Theatre, I met the Founder and CEO of Humor for Hope, Hope England. Hope was sharing stories about her work to inspire long form improv scenes. As she talked about her travels to the Syrian border to help children who were displaced from their homes because of the Syrian revolution, I instantly wanted to know how I could become involved. As an improviser and someone who cares deeply about humanity, the mission of Humor for Hope resonated with me.

After the show, I told Hope that I was interested in getting involved with the organization.

We kept in touch through email, and when an internship opportunity became available I applied. As they were seeking an intern to work with research and grant writing, it was a great opportunity for me to leverage my skills developed as an English major.”

Q: What did this internship experience help you discover?

A: “This internship experience made me realize that there are so many career options available to me as an English major, and that the skills I’ve developed are both valuable and transferable. I hope to continue learning more about the grant writing process and find an opportunity in the field upon graduation.”

Q: What advice would you give a student seeking an internship?


  1. Networking is key. It never hurts to reach out and ask about opportunities; the worst someone can say is “no.”
  2. Understand your value proposition. Know yourself and be able to articulate why someone should hire you.
  3. Relationships matter. Be kind and polite to the people you will encounter throughout your internship search.

Q: As an Internship Plu$ program participant, how did this award impact your quarter?

A: “This award allowed me to focus more of my attention to my internship experience and coursework at DePaul. Because of this program, I’m looking forward to graduation and pursuing a career that I’m passionate about.”

Learn more about the Internship Plu$ Program and how to apply on our website.

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