Here We Do: Students of Internship Plus (WQ22)

We know that not every student can afford to take an unpaid internship, which influenced our decision to establish the Internship Plus Program. This program awards up to $2,500 in financial assistance to students who have an unpaid internship opportunity and demonstrate financial need. Through this program, many students, like the ones below, have been able to gain important experience in their field of interest. Hear about it from them:

Haley Colegate interned at Arts of Life

My experience as an intern at Arts of Life consisted primarily of socializing with and assisting the artists in studio, as well as teaching weekly art history talks for virtual programming.

Choosing my favorite aspect of my internship is incredibly difficult, though I would have to say that forming relationships with the artists was definitely the most rewarding! For instance, one of the artists, Susan, sang to me a song that she had written about me, which brought a huge smile to my face. I have learned so much about each of their families, their passions, their pets—really anything that they wanted to share with me, I was happy to listen.

However, it was also hard at times. Sometimes artists would share very sensitive and upsetting events from their past with me. On one hand, I felt honored that they entrusted me with such information. However, I couldn’t help but be saddened by what I was told. When these sorts of topics came up, it helped test my skills with trauma responses and how to provide a safe place for artists to share.

As someone who is on track to become a therapist with a specialty in art, this internship at Arts of Life was a perfect fit for me.

I got to see first-hand how the creative process builds relationships, encourages independence, and provides a sense of fulfillment in these artists.

My experiences there also helped me to talk to other facilitators who worked there, many of whom are artists themselves. Meeting new people with similar interests/ career goals as myself is always beneficial.

In terms of advice, I would first recommend only interning at a place that you feel truly passionate about. If you don’t enjoy the work, the value of your experience greatly diminishes. Fortunately, Arts of Life combined two of my passions, which are special needs advocacy and art!

Without my Internship Plus award, I would have had a much more difficult time getting to and from my internship. Arts of Life is located on the west side of town and, without a car, was pretty hard to access by public transit. I am so grateful that I was chosen as a recipient, and I hope that this award will continue for others in the future!

Kendrick Bryant interned for RUN Sports

For my internship, I worked remote from home for a company in New York called RUN Sports. My official role working in the company was a mobile game developer/software engineer, and my work mostly focused on being the programmer for a mobile game.

Some of my responsibilities were handling the user interface, gameplay, and animations. What I enjoyed most about my internship were the people I got the opportunity to work with within the company. Everyone was very dedicated, enthusiastic about the project and remained motivated while working on the project to the end.

Some of my biggest takeaways from this internship were time management. During my internship, me and my group created meetings separate from our boss just so we could stay organized, and we created deadlines for ourselves to make sure we had extra development time. Everyone made sure that we accomplished our tasks ahead of time and this allowed us to have a very smooth development process.

This internship helped me get closer to achieving my career goals as it gave me more experience within the industry, more experience working with other people, and new tools to help me progress in my field.

My advice to other students would be, if you’re searching for an internship, find a project that you’re sure that you’re going to be passionate about. A lot of people get an internship, but then lose their motivation and get burnt out. If you find something that you’re passionate about, there will be less chances of you getting burnt out and bored of the project.

Being an Internship Plus award recipient impacted me positively as my internship was unpaid and required a lot of time and energy which would’ve gone into my part-time job. Receiving this award allowed me to focus more on my internship, my education and my career.

Malena Petronijevic interned at FashionBar Chicago

My internship at FashionBar Chicago in the Water Tower Place has given me the opportunity the gain a better understanding of the technical work a company needs to function efficiently. Not only did I get a finer idea of my management style, but also what I value in a work environment.

I engaged in many different parts of a business including marketing, finance, and management. Over the past few weeks I have been able to book designers for our upcoming April and October fashion shows, access and post on our TikTok and Instagram accounts, and manage mass communication emails. One of the most important and enjoyable learning lessons has been gaining a better understanding of entrepreneurial perspectives and how to eventually build something of my own.

Tony Long, my supervisor and the CEO, has structured all lessons with a common theme of applicability outside of FashionBar Chicago, which I have genuinely appreciated. My biggest takeaway in this internship has been learning about applicable work knowledge. Whether that was email etiquette, developing professional relationships, or setting boundaries, being able to learn about these rules in a work environment was very insightful.

I have also become very proud of my growing confidence inside and outside of the business. FashionBar Chicago, as a business administration major, has allowed me to reflect on what I would and would not want to apply in my management style. I hope that I can continue to explore alternative work environments but now know I work well in smaller teams.

My biggest advice for students seeking internships is to build connections with your business as best as possible. I had the opportunity to volunteer for Chicago Fashion Week back in October and because of my attentiveness then, was able to intern for them! As I continue to grow and constantly express my eagerness to learn, I have even had discussions with my supervisor regarding a potential job offer.

Do not feel afraid to ask questions. Your willingness to learn the industry will be very noticeable and influential. In regards to the Internship Plus award, the award has significantly impacted my financial stability this quarter. In December, prior to the internship, I broke my ankle in a mall shooting by falling down the escalators. Regaining my physical strength while working at an internship for free has been a unique experience! Being able to leave my part-time job was an easier experience with the award. Additionally, receiving the award was an immense honor considering my grade level and experience.

Anonda Tyler interned at Lincoln Park Preschool

My name is Anonda Tyler, better known as Nonie, and to the students I observed and taught Ms. Nonie. On Tuesdays and Thursdays , the school that I did my fieldwork hours at was at the Lincoln Park Preschool.

The school is smack in one of the busy places in the city and is a private school. This school is a dream location to me because it is right across the street from the Lincoln Park Zoo, where we always went to walk when we took the children outside for fresh air. The zoo was perfect to share intimate and angelic experiences that helped me build bonds with students more closely.

The days where I went to visit were during the school day, and typically their hours for school are 9 to 3 o’clock, where they take naps at 1pm, then wait for pick up at 2pm. I stayed from 7 o’clock till 12pm on most days and managed to get over 17 field hours.

The grade I was working with were preschoolers, who were called the 3s and 4s group. I enjoyed most visiting the zoo, and this internship allowed me to appreciate the art of play in teaching and why it is important to include multiple mediums with fine motor skills and gross motor skills activities.

This award impacted me in a good way financially, because it is very hard for my family and I to pay tuition, so it alleviated a lot of stress with worrying about proceeding in this field that I am passionate about due to not always having the resources to support that dream.

Here, We Do: Students of Internship Plus (Sp21)

We know that not every student can afford to take an unpaid internship, which influenced our decision to establish the Internship Plus Program. This program awards up to $2,500 in financial assistance to students who have an unpaid internship opportunity and demonstrate financial need. Through this program, many students, like the ones below, have been able to gain important experience in their field of interest. Hear about it from them:

Monica interned at The Borgen Project

The Borgen Project is a nonprofit that specifically focuses on advocacy in the topics of Starvation/ Global Food Security; Newborn, Child and Mother Survival; Access to Clean Water and Sanitation; Food and Aid Reform; and COVID-19 Aid. My position as a Nonprofit Leadership Intern helped me to form skills in relation to fundraising, advocacy, community networking and mobilization, education, and issue messaging.

Without the Internship Plus Award I would not have been able to accept this position, and everything that I have learned in my three months has been so meaningful to me. My experiences with The Borgen Project have helped me to grow and participate in the DePaul Mission.

The Borgen Project sees that with the global power that the US holds, it is important to set an example through policy and legislation. I learned the importance of advocating for others and how to put the goal of ending global poverty into action. I used my voice to lobby with members of Congress and move toward my own personal and career goals of becoming involved in politics. This experience embodied the DePaul Mission because it allowed me to advocate for change.

Tyler interned at Chicago Public Schools

Holistically, this endeavour has been very transformative and informative for me. Not only did I learn more skills to add to my teaching belt, I learned more about myself and how I must move through this profession. As a continued learner and advocate for change, I must continue to place myself in positions that nudge growth and versatility. I reflect on how our ever-changing world is fluid, and I have to adjust my practice with the times to provide a relevant substance that elevates student experience and quality of education. Practicing as an educator means that we grow practical theories through experience, and these guide our practice.  Through practice, we find strategies and techniques that best fit our situation and align with the values we echo to support youth.

By leading with love and kindness, I take pride in building harmonious relationships with youth centered on genuine understanding, trust, and authentic connections. These competencies have been foundational pillars through my experience at DePaul, my student teaching practice at Walter Payton High School and have served to advance their fight to create a more equitable and socially just school climate. 

Katie interned at The Executives’ Club of Chicago

At The Executives’ Club of Chicago, I helped coordinate events for CEOs and COOs, Board Chairmen, and business leaders from all industries. The executives would sit down for each event and discuss social justice issues, corporate social responsibility, real estate development to lessen economic and racial inequality, and innovative trends. All of these events align with DePaul’s mission. I learned from leaders who take action to make the city, and the world better. 

I applied for the Internship Plus award because I sacrificed my job to take on an unpaid internship. It was a difficult decision for me. I had to choose between a steady income and an amazing opportunity for my future. The award helped lessen the financial stress I was under, and I no longer saw the internship as a sacrifice. It became a blessing that I was grateful for.

For the past three years, I’ve wondered how I can do good for others. I’ve wondered what my purpose was and when I would figure it out at DePaul. From my internship, I considered the small ways I can make positive change in Chicago. It starts with listening to others, educating ourselves about inequalities, and being a part of uncomfortable conversations to grow as a society. 

Komal interned with HARLEEN KAUR

Wanting to pursue a career in fashion marketing and management, I was able to get an amazing opportunity by being a PR, Marketing, and Social Media Intern for HARLEEN KAUR. From this internship, I was able to get a proper execution on working with a team and creating email campaigns. As this internship allowed me to get real-world experience, it truly helped me reach my personal goals of building my graphic skills and my creative brainstorming. By allowing myself to be out in a position with hard-working individuals who own a company, I was able to understand the pressure and dedication the team has brought and it allowed me to have the same passion as them.

This internship has allowed me to use the outstanding teachings given by my academic professors and incorporate them into my internship by continuously pushing myself to work hard and learn the true objectives of the amazing opportunity I have been given.

By working with my team and by getting one on one interactions with the CEO of HARLEEN KAUR, I was able to observe and develop a great number of skills, expanding my knowledge of the marketing industry. This helped me get closer to my goals of learning the true objectives of time management and allowed me to contribute to the team in unique ways.

Applications for the Fall Internship Plus program are now open. Apply on the Scholarship Connect by August 22, 2021!

Here, We Do: Students of Internship Plus (FQ 2020)

We know that not every student can afford to take an unpaid internship. The Internship Plus Program addresses the issue by awarding up to $2,500 in financial assistance to students who have an unpaid internship opportunity and demonstrate financial need.

Through this program, many students are able to gain important experience in their field of interest. Here is what some of them had to say.

Kathia interned at Dim Events

Kathia Hernandez

My internship has helped me in learning what I want to pursue in the future. I can participate in many of my extracurricular activities because of scholarships like these. By having more time to focus on what I want to build in my community and by helping others through service I can further my passions.

It has been a great 6 months working as an intern at Dim Events, and it really encouraged me to start planning out my own business plan.

I have learned a lot about building a community virtually and campaigning for things that I am passionate about such as, women empowerment, Black Lives Matter, and Latinx community issues. I have also moved up in my internship, from being an entrepreneurship intern to becoming an intern manager.

Theodora interned at The Creative Process

Tea’s profile page on The Creative Process website

The experience I had working for The Creative Process opened doors to a plethora of creative media opportunities—it’s become a bridge into a rich realm of marketable skills and experiences.

As an associate podcast producer and interviewer, my tasks revolved around listening, editing, and providing insight on interviews, with the end goal of conducting an interview myself. If it weren’t for my Internship Plus award, I would not have been able to accomplish as much as I had, considering I would’ve spent more time working in order to save for tuition and loans.

My internship experience has encouraged me to explore opportunities in media and content creation, in addition to podcasting and journalism.

Navigating the waters of such a wide-ranging realm of creative freedom has given me a unique opportunity to make an impact with artists and students on an international scale by advocating for the immersion of the creative arts in our daily lives.

Aashka interned at Trouvaiz

Trouvaiz’s Instagram page that Aashka managed

Being in the Marketing Honors program along with taking two other classes and taking on an internship was a challenge. It was very helpful doing an internship that gave me the freedom to take the marketing strategy the way I preferred.

This pandemic has put a financial strain on everyone, the Internship Plus Award scholarship was a huge help in lifting of that financial stress off of my shoulders. It allowed me to take on this internship which has greatly expanded my skills in social media marketing.

I have more confidence in my major and have a better idea of what i would like to do job wise for someone who is graduating next year.

COVID has rendered all financially fragile at the moment as jobs are hard to find and internships are not willing to pay. Getting closer to graduation you realize that you won’t have these opportunities of financial support while obtaining actual skills in your career. I would like to thank this program for giving me the opportunity to take on this internship especially in such a prime time as I am graduating next year.

Justin interned at Joel Hall Dancers & Center

I started a marketing and media internship with Joel Hall Dancers & Center at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. For 46+ years, Joel Hall has established a black-led non-profit organization that has focused on being an inclusive and diverse art incubation center. My job was to help them celebrate their rich jazz history, sharing Joel’s story via social media outlets, video editing, and digital marketing campaigns.

The internship and the Internship Plus award allowed me to use my knowledge to assist local art communities thrive.

My main goal with my digital marketing degree is to help local Chicago organizations create a professional online presence and build digital media content that reflects their identity. I believe through this Internship Plus Program, I was able to represent DePaul University and put our mission into action. Since DePaul is proudly a Chicago institution, it felt great working as an extension of DePaul to build off of what other great, local businesses Chicago has to offer.

Applications for the Spring Internship Plus program are now open. Apply on the Scholarship Connect by February 28th, 2021.

Here, We Do: Students of Internship Plus

We know that not every student can afford to take an unpaid internship, which influenced our decision to establish the Internship Plus Program. This program awards up to $2,500 in financial assistance to students who have an unpaid internship opportunity and demonstrate financial need. Through this program, many students, like the ones below, have been able to gain important experience in their field of interest.

Paige Interned at 826CHI

Paige Gilberg

“In January 2020, I began my work as the Publications Intern at 826CHI, a tutoring and creative writing center that supports Chicago Public School students. In this role, I have had the opportunity to make a direct impact on the lives of young people who attend underfunded schools. My specific role at the organization involves publishing our students’ work in the form of print and digital books. Since 826CHI is a nonprofit and the organization works hard to keep programming free for students in need, my time with the organization has been unpaid. Though I have been more than happy to commit my time to 826CHI because of my connection with their mission, the lack of income has created financial strain for me over the last few months. Receiving the Internship Plus Award has been a huge help this quarter and has alleviated much of the stress I felt regarding my financial situation this past winter. Every little bit helps, and the Internship Plus Award has allowed me to invest myself more deeply in my internship without worrying as much about my financial responsibilities.”

Bridget Interned at Wang, Leonard & Condon

bridget 2

“In October of 2019, I began working as a legal intern at the Wang, Leonard & Condon law firm in the Loop. I utilized DePaul’s Career Center to help me draft my first resume, and I had a mock interview an hour and a half before I went into the office for my real interview. Wang, Leonard & Condon practices many kinds of law, but the attorneys I worked under represented immigrants from Central America, South America, and Mexico applying for asylum. At WLC, I drafted clients’ declarations, collected and annotated articles as evidence of country conditions, and regularly traveled to immigration court to serve filings. I was ecstatic to get this job, and I truly looked forward to going into work twice a week.  I greatly appreciate the Internship Plus program for allowing me the means to continue working at WLC and pursuing my interests.”

Miri Interned at Theydo


“My internship has been very impactful in both my progression in school and profession. I initially began my internship as a design intern, where I had the ability to develop my skillset in branding and visual identity design. Working closely with the creative director, other interns, and head of marketing, I learned more about how to collaborate and work on a team. Furthermore, the work I produced will go toward my portfolio, which is essential for showing my skills and knowledge as a designer… Additionally, I the chance to create impactful work for a non-profit. This is a non-profit in Chicago that works with people experiencing homelessness. I have also been honored to be able to continue this internship into the summer to further enhance my professional skillset and portfolio. I am very grateful to have received this scholarship, it allowed me to be able to dedicate the amount of time that was necessary for this internship and allowed me to grow into a professional ready for work after college.”

Francesca Interned at The University of Illinois at Chicago


“This internship and Internship Plus award has impacted me significantly. I was able to continue my work with Professor Swirsky on our research project which examines the experience of moral distress that medical students face in their curriculum. I have been dedicated to this project since last year when I was accepted to join UIC’s Summer Research Opportunity Program. After the program ended, I chose to continue on our project because the mental well being of medical students and healthcare providers are deeply important to me. Working on the project had given me the tools to conduct research and increase my knowledge in this specific field of my career. I plan to continue my education after graduating from DePaul University by getting my MS degree in I-O psychology at IIT. My research interest and career goals are committed to establishing the welling being of healthcare providers. After COVID-19 took its toll around the world, it has solidified that I’m in the right place at the right time. With this internship plus award, I was able to financially support myself while still contributing my research skills to a cause that has become more relevant today. My internship and the Internship Plus Program has significantly helped in my development as a young professional in the field of research.”

Mykhailo Interned at CineYouth


“It is an enormous honor for me to be a part of CineYouth internship, which is created and organized by Chicago International Film Festival. As a program assistant I have a variety of exciting responsibilities including: reviewing and judging submitted films by young filmmakers, reaching out to other youth festivals and promoting the CineYouth Film Festival. Other great responsibilities are collaborating with other Chicago International Film Festival staff on improving this year’s program and responding to people from around the world who have questions about the CineYouth Film Festival. Being a filmmaker myself, it is crucial for me to help other filmmakers to promote their creative work. It is especially important for me to provide assistance to younger filmmakers who are crucial voices of our future. CineYouth Film Festival is international, and the main goal of it is to create a diverse and equitable program which is very important for the future of the film industry. It allows me to develop skills of creating meaningful and diverse programs for young filmmakers. I have an opportunity to collaborate with everyone who is involved not only in CineYouth Film Festival but also Chicago International Film Festival which is the longest running international film festival in North America. “

Danielle Interned at Tuesday’s Child


“Through my internship I was able to work with children who may be experiencing various obstacles both inside and outside of the classroom – these students work to develop the academic, behavioral and social-emotional skills needed throughout their academic lives. My goal is to work in the field of social work, specifically working with young elementary school students who face many of the obstacles and struggles that the children I had the opportunity to work with, go through on a daily basis. I used my knowledge gained through DePaul’s teachings to help guide me through my hands on experience and give me the necessary tools to be successful when working within this population, I thank DePaul and Tuesday’s Child for giving me the opportunity of combining inside and outside of the classroom experiences to shape me into the future helper I aspire to be. I deeply thank the Internship Plus program for helping me finance my spring quarter, especially with the state of the world and recent pandemic they truly helped me and my family out…”


Applications for the fall Internship Plus program are now open. Apply on the Scholarship Connect by August 18th, 2020!

Here, We Do: Students of Internship Plus

We know that not every student can afford to take an unpaid internship, which influenced our decision to establish the Internship Plus Program. This program awards up to $2,500 in financial assistance to students who have an unpaid internship opportunity and demonstrate financial need. Through this program, many students, like the ones below, have been able to gain important experience in their field of interest. Hear about it from them:

Kayla Interned at Take Back the Halls

TBTH 2 - Kay Malinowski

“My internship in the Take Back the Halls program has altered the way I view education, social justice work, and importantly, the direction of my career. Take Back the Halls (TBTH) is a teen dating violence prevention program that utilizes the popular education model to empower students in under-resourced areas of Chicago to become advocates for their communities. Once a week, we meet with students to talk about teen dating violence, its signs, its causes (systemic and interpersonal), and ways in which we can work to prevent it… It has changed my perspective on my journey in education and on how I want to work as an educator in the future, whether that is in educating students in the social justice movement or working in a university setting. Without the Internship Plus scholarship it would have been difficult to keep up with work, school, and my internship, as I would have had to work more hours to pay for my tuition.”

Rio Interned with 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney

RioDiaz1 - Rio Diaz

“During my time at the 44th Ward, I gained a better understanding of public service and how important a role government can play in our communities. The Internship Plus award allowed me to not worry about the financial troubles that could arise by doing an unpaid internship. Not having to stress about my bank account empowered me to fully apply myself at the office. I believe this internship provided me with an opportunity to put DePaul’s mission into action through the many hours I spent assisting my fellow 44th Ward neighbors access government services and improve their day to day lives. This internship was truly centered around community service and this experience helped me get closer to achieving my goals because I learned more about Chicago’s various government agencies. I hope to work in the public service sector in the future, and this internship was a great introductory experience to this field.”

Ashley Interned at Above & Beyond Family Recover Center

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset Processed with stamp

“Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center is a nonprofit substance abuse recovery facility. I was able to work with individuals who battled with substance use and learn about its impacts as well as witness tremendous growth and resilience. Without the Internship Plus award, I would not have been able to do this internship due to being a first generation college student who is full-time, as well as works part-time and helps take care of my family. By having this extra assistance I was able to experience something that I will never forget and that has validated what I would like to do with my degree. Working on the West side of Chicago in the middle of the food desert motivated me to want to make a change within our system… DePaul’s mission strives towards providing service and growing as a community. My time at Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center was exactly that.”

Michelle Interned at Allied Global Marketing

IMG_0990 - Michelle Piñero

“My internship at Allied Global Marketing opened my eyes to a different side of marketing and a new field that I hadn’t experienced yet. Being able to apply my marketing skills and learn how to use them for press purposes was both challenging and intriguing. I had always had experience with the digital side of marketing, especially social media. But this internship allowed me to see another perspective to the field. I was also very pleased to be working in the entertainment industry, which is where I would like to specialize my career in. I am very thankful that this internship exposed me to it and showed me what my ideal future career looks like. I am also grateful for the Internship Plus program for giving me aid this quarter. Getting experience in the field you wish to pursue in the future is essential, but it is very though when it is unpaid and you still need to be able to afford to live in a city as expensive as Chicago. Thanks to the scholarship I was able to participate in an unpaid internship that cemented my future career interest in participating in the administration of the arts, more specifically the press and marketing side of it.”


Applications for the summer Internship Plus program are now open. Apply on the Scholarship Connect by May 10th, 2020!

Harnessing the Power of an Internship

By: Jade Sobczak, Health Care & Science Career Community Advisor

An internship is the perfect opportunity to learn valuable skills and to begin building a vast professional network.

As many of you continue to search for, and even score, the perfect summer opportunities, you’re coming into the Career Center looking for advice. The advice you’re seeking varies, but the sentiment is the same: you want to know the secret to standing out.

The bad news is that there is no secret. The good news is that while each internship is completely unique, there is always one common factor – you. And you have the ability to control so much of your experience.

So while there isn’t a one-size-fits-all piece of advice, start by showing up and by being true to yourself. Remember, a positive attitude goes a long way.

And while you’re at it…

  • Take some risks, and if you’re gutsy enough, take plenty of them.
  • Seek a balance between hustle and rest and strive to be compassionate about both.
  • Stay in touch once it’s all said and done.
  • Think of failure as a positive thing. Learn from your mistakes and fail smarter next time.
  • Do work that you love and nudge those around you to do the same.
  • Be persistent in your search!
  • Keep in mind that sometimes done is better than perfect.
  • Break out of your comfort zone and try something that seems a little scary every day.

You only get as much out of your experiences as you put into them, so learn something from everyone around you, and be devoted to your work… ultimately, your success depends on it.

Good luck!

Internship Resources

  • Get your application materials ready by making an appointment with a career community advisor or stopping by our offices (LPC/Loop) for walk-in resume reviews with peer career advisors – no appointment necessary!
  • The Internship Plu$ Program provides $1,200 in financial assistance to eligible undergraduate students working in a quarter-long, unpaid internship while enrolled in a UIP or departmental internship course.
  • UIP’s practical 4-credit courses can help you make the most of your internship experience and fulfill DePaul’s Experiential Learning graduation requirement.
  • There are thousands of internship opportunities for DePaul students and alumni posted on DePaul’s Handshake platform. Check back regularly – new opportunities are posted every day!