DePaul Career Center October Programming

Although the current situation presents many challenges for us personally and professionally, everyone in the DePaul Career Center is working hard to help ensure that you have a successful and productive year.  

We are excited to share our October 2020 programming schedule below! These regularly scheduled virtual events and workshops will help you stay on top of your career goals, gain new skills and navigate the ever-changing job market.

Our career advisors are also available remotely for one-on-one appointments and tailored advice.

Oct 1: Creating a Website

Oct 8: Social Media Basics

Oct 15: Remote Work Technology: Best Practices for Internal Communication 

Oct 22: Navigating Keywords and Applicant Tracking Systems

Oct 29: Project Management 101

Oct 20: Job and Internship Search

Oct 29: Networking in the Age of Social Distancing

Oct 7: Fall Career Fair (Day 1)

Oct 8: Fall Career Fair (Day 2)

Oct 14: Alumni MasterClass: Upskilling for the Market

Oct 15: Finance Spotlight Night

Employers: Prepare for the Fall Career Fair!

Although career fairs may look different this year, we are no less excited for you to connect with DePaul students and alumni! Employers, prepare yourself for success at our upcoming virtual fairs by following these steps:

1. Set up your sessions schedule 

This virtual fair will take place entirely on Handshake

All Handshake virtual fairs have two options for employer-student engagement:

  • 30 minute Info Sessions
  • 10 minute 1:1 Sessions

At this time, these are the only options for Handshake virtual fairs.  

***This means you MUST set up your sessions schedule in order to participate.***  


2. Test your video today

Handshake Virtual Fairs include a robust video chat platform.  Data from our previous virtual career fair indicates that students want to meet with employers via video!  

Handshake uses Twilio for their video hosting.  


If your company’s firewall does not allow you to use Handshake/Twilio’s video, you may use your own (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc).  Please test your video in advance to see if this is required for you.  

 *It is your responsibility to test your own video in advance of the career fair and to make adjustments as needed.*

3. Prepare yourself + your team!

4. Visit the Zoom Help Room during the Fall Career Fair!

October 7 Help Room

October 8 Help Room 

Employer Engagement team members will be available to answer your questions during the Fall Career Fair!  The actual fair will take place entirely on Handshake, but we will also be standing by on Zoom to help you out.  

5. Contact the Employer Engagement team with questions!

We’re here to help you! Email us at 

See you on October 7 + 8! 

How I Got This Internship: Meg Nair

By: Sabrina Salvador, Health Care & Science Career Community Ambassador

On Wednesday, August 5, the HCS team sat down with DePaul students to learn about the network- and internship-building experiences of a fellow undergraduate student, Meg Nair. In this workshop, Meg shared her story and provided insightful advice about how to get involved with psychology research labs, how to find internships, where to apply for internship funding, and organization and time management advice.

Check out the video below for the full event!

How Meg manages her time and balances academics, work, research, and her social life:

For me, finding a balance between going to school full-time,working 20 hours a week at my day job, and then working additional 20-30 hours with my different research opportunities, was something I really struggled with at first. I ended up figuring out that the best time path for me was that I get up around 4AM during school days, going to work for 5-6 hours, taking my classes in the afternoon, and then focusing my research time in the evenings. It is really busy and sometimes hard to keep up with, but I am able to build up my portfolio and resume, and also network with other people to find different opportunities that can help me get into graduate school later… The one thing that really helped me is having set days set aside to relax and take the time to meet up with friends, hang out, and take a break from a lot of stress that can build up while you’re in school trying to balance all of these different roles.

Meg’s study abroad experience and how it help her become a more well-rounded individual:

Being involved in more than just being a research intern is really important, so I found roles in the DePaul community that I could help fulfill. I went to Poland for the multiculturalism seminar focused on theatre about the Holocaust. I’m not a theatre major in any way. I really like musicals, but that’s pretty much where all my theatre knowledge is. I was able to use that opportunity of going to Poland, seeing the different Holocaust memorials and sites, and interviewing different Holocaust survivors to write an essay about how memory is affected by trauma. I was able to submit this essay to my teacher and it brought another way for me to expand my knowledge about psychology and my interests in a way that I didn’t think I would be able to before…  A lot of people that were going there were theatre majors, but being a bio-interested psychology major brought a different perspective to the group.

How Meg began her research experience with the Psychology Department and the benefits of networking:

I found the majority of mine through attending class and they were presented by graduate students or asking my professors. I also found one research opportunity by talking to my psychology advisor. I didn’t end up getting that opportunity. It was the first one I had ever looked at, but it was great practice to go in and talk. It was the first interview I had with the program, so it was a great opportunity to talk and try to learn about the whole process. Then I was able to find The Cities Mentor Project which was my first big research opportunity.

A valuable token of advice that Meg would give her freshman-year self:

Realizing that I could apply for research opportunities earlier than I did would’ve been something very helpful. I would’ve loved to build different connections earlier and I would’ve loved the opportunity to try and talk more to my professors. I didn’t really start realizing how important that could all be until right at the end of my sophomore year.

Get started with your internship search today!  Check out these relevant resources:

This Week’s Hiring Trends: Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting

Updated 9/4/2020

Given the rapid changes associated with the pandemic, we will be regularly sharing reporting trends in hiring sectors across the Chicagoland area in the Business, Entrepreneurship, and Consulting career community. This week, we interviewed Lamar Butler at Midwest Legacy Group on what students can do to stay competitive in their job search. 

Interested in a career path in Finance? Make sure to follow Midwest Legacy Group on Handshake to learn about new opportunities, and make sure to register for Finance Spotlight Night to connect with employers hiring for opportunities in Financial Services. 

What tips do you have for students conducting a job or internship search right now?

Patience, the current market has seen more layoffs than any time prior. I also recommend adjusted expectations. What we are seeing is a dip in salaries as the economy begins to recover slowly, this will take quite some time. Many that have been able to keep their jobs, take substantial pay cuts in the process. This has been seen in many industries during the pandemic.

How can students make themselves stand out to an employer?

What will be beneficial to stand out, is sharing some of your personal life experience and showing the human side of whom you are. Often, we just see the details of academic achievement and accolades and employers that may give credibility. What goes along with that is the person behind the resume who is actually being hired, so it would be good to show a portion of that in which you are comfortable sharing.

What advice do you have for students whose job or internship offer has been rescinded?

If an offer has been rescinded a key piece to remind yourself of, is that it was not something you did or controlled that lost it.  hiring freezes are very common in tough economic times as companies go into a safe mode managing the books. Adversity comes in many forms throughout our professional careers. How we respond to it is what is more memorable. If you lose the opportunity, stay grateful and appreciative to have been considered in the first place. As employers look to re-open, that opportunity may have only been paused not lost and reaching back out as you see hiring begin again, you already have familiarity and an approval to leverage. 

As you think about university recruiting now and going forward, what has changed?

The format of recruiting may possibly be altered forever. The idea of outside campus presence and exposure to heightened risk, I can not see administrators wanting to absorb that. The influence of technology will be an aide as the students we look to reach also change their platforms of communications. The scope actually will span much farther for those who may not be available on a campus visit event and feel disconnected.  This is possibly more of a positive as it relates to reaching a bigger population of students more frequently by making information about employers digital and creating access to jobs even more shareable on devices than prior. Campus touches seem to be an antiquated approach that we will move from and see greater success for students to find the right employer.

Updated 8/20/2020

This week, we are focusing on the intersection of technology and business, and careers in logistics and supply chain. One of the largest news stories this week was Amazon’s expansion in corporate sector jobs. The tech giant announced they will be growing by over 3,500 new positions, and also made the interesting announcement to bank on in-office work through acquiring a New York City Fifth Avenue building from WeWork for over 1 billion. 

Coronavirus has had a significant impact on the logistics industry, but recently, large companies like Echo Global Logistics are seeing a rebound, according to Crain’s Chicago. “Larger brokers like Echo and C.H. Robinson are in a very good position because they’ve been investing on the technology side, further widening the gap between themselves and some of the midsized players,” Seidl says. “Ultimately, they’re going to take over more market share and weed out that smaller to midsized brokerage space.” That’s good news for large companies, but smaller firms are feeling the pressure. 

Employers recruiting at DePaul are starting to expand their positions posted on Handshake, with 1373 employers with active positions posted as of this week. As we are gearing up for fall, companies are hungry to meet with DePaul talent in virtual recruiting events! Our Fall Fair, Meet the Firms, and Finance Industry Spotlight Night are a few Career Center events to keep on your radar. Additionally, consulting firms like Huron, and public accounting firms like PWC have multiple events posted on Handshake to get to know you! Make sure to meet with your Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Career Advisor to make sure you’re ready for fall recruiting. 

Updated 8/5/2020

This week, we will be focusing on trends in Accounting and Tax, as the global pandemic is creating some interesting ripple effects for companies and accounting expertise is important for navigating these murky waters. This Wednesday, the DePaul Business, Entrepreneurship, and Consulting Career community hosted alumnus James Mahon from Morrison & Morrison who spoke on some of the ways the pandemic is impacting the tax profession (Blog post on the event coming soon if you missed it! They are also hiring DePaul students for full-time jobs and internships). 

Additionally, the Big 4 Accounting Firms have a wealth of resources on how COVID is impacting industries. KPMG, EY, Deloitte, and PWC all have interesting data to browse through. Becoming knowledgeable on these trends will help you prepare for small talk in the upcoming fall virtual networking events and interviews. CPAs remain more important than ever in the current market. According to EMSI, there were 5,538 positions listing CPA as a qualification. 

When it comes to recruiting at DePaul specifically, the number of employers with active job postings has increased from last week (1,238 employers on Handshake are actively hiring now, up from last week). We’ve seen a lot of employers in the Accounting, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Commercial Banking industries reaching out to our students. Want to make sure your Handshake profile is up-to-date? Make sure to meet with your Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Career Advisor to put your best foot forward! 

Updated 7/24/2020

Key take-aways

  • Remote internships are a great way to build on your experiences in the classroom! Check out some of the awesome remote internships available on Handshake (examples below)
  • Industries are becoming leaner than ever before with multiple layoffs across the Tech, Airline, and Retail industries
  • Accounting employers are gearing up for fall recruitment, and are among the top companies actively messaging DePaul students on Handshake 

This week, one of the most notable trends we’ve seen in the Business community is industries becoming leaner to stay ahead of the economic downturn. Tech giants such as LinkedIn recently announced a layoff of 960 jobs which equates to 6% of their global workforce. We’ve also seen plans for downsizing staff across the airline industry including American and Southwest, and layoffs in retail with J.C. Penny, Men’s Wearhouse, and Walgreens, surprisingly. According to EMSI, hiring is still down compared to last July, however, there are great opportunities in the entry level workforce. Around 40% of all job openings in the Chicagoland area in Accounting and Sales require less than 1 year of experience, and 58% of positions in Hospitality are entry level positions as well. 

When it comes to recruiting at DePaul specifically, the number of employers with active job postings has increased from last week (1,178 employers on Handshake are actively hiring now). If you’re looking to build experience this summer and into the fall, make sure to take advantage of the awesome remote internship opportunities on Handshake. Epsilon recently posted a Human Resources Internship, the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce is looking for an Events and Marketing Intern, and Selection Capital is looking for a Private Equity Analyst Intern. If summer did not go according to plan, don’t rule out a fall internship as a great alternative to capitalizing on your experience and increased flexibility with remote learning. 

As far as employers who are actively reaching out to DePaul students, Accounting is big right now. Ernst & Young, Crowe, and Wipfli are the top three companies messaging students, so make sure your Handshake profile is updated. Crowe and Wipfli currently have active positions on Handshake, and most employers in the Accounting industry will begin to post their positions soon before fall recruiting starts. Interested in applying for one of these positions? Make sure to meet with your Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Career Advisor to put your best foot forward! 

Updated: 7/2/2020

Key Takeaways

  • Business industries (Accounting, Banking, Hospitality, Logistics, Market Research, and Sales) are showing continued negative growth in unique job postings across the Chicagoland area this week
  • A few key areas (Manufacturing, CPG, and Travel & Recreation) show positive growth compared to this time last month
  • There has been an increase in employers hiring on Handshake at DePaul, particularly in Analyst positions for full-time roles and Investment Banking Internships

Looking back on the month of June, how did the job markets fair with the launch of reopening in many states? Nationally the numbers are relatively unchanged from May, however there is positive growth in a few key areas in business.

  • Manufacturing (+47.8%), Consumer Goods ((+48.1%), and Travel & Recreation are all up compared to this May according to LinkedIn’s hiring report. These month-over-month gains seem large, however, hiring is still down from this time last year and we are still seeing declines in unique job postings compared to last year in the Chicagoland area in this week’s read of the EMSI report numbers.
  • According to EMSI, every area is down across unique job postings compared to this time last year, but Hospitality (-34.7%), Market Research (-41.4%), and Logistics (-43.1%) are hit the hardest.
  • The positive news is, the unemployment rate is declining slightly, from 13.3% in May to 11.1% in June according to the Federal Bureau of Labor statistics. 

When it comes to recruiting at DePaul specifically, the number of employers with active job postings is back up from last week (1,139 employers on Handshake are actively hiring now). Don’t forget to complete your profile, because employers (84 this week!) are actively reaching out to DePaul students!

In the BEC community, it’s good news for those who have strong analytical skills as we’ve had many recent Analyst roles posted at companies like Goldman Sachs, PL Marketing and NISA Investment Advisors. Additionally, internships in banking are a trend at DePaul right now as JP Morgan, NextGen Growth Partners, and TD Ameritrade recently began recruiting for their internship programs this week. Interested in applying for one of these positions? Don’t forget to meet with your Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Career Advisor to make sure your job search is on the right track!

Updated: 6/12/2020

Key Takeaways:

  • The decline in unique job postings in the business sector has plateaued across Chicago, and we’ve seen global trends indicate an economic rebound in China and France.
  • Accounting hiring has spiked to 11.1% across Chicago, which is significant positive growth.
  • Upskilling and reskilling are industry trends emphasized by the Human Resource industry, and job seekers benefit from highlighting adaptability and interpersonal skills. 

With the prospect of reopening looming for many organizations, there is a lot of focus on the idea of upskilling and reskilling employees. Therefore, as a jobseeker, now is a really important time to highlight your transferable skills. Particularly, adaptability and interpersonal communication can both come to your advantage at this time.

HR leaders discuss the importance of combining business strategy and empathy for their employees, which is an important context for those of you who are currently in the interview process. Preparing scenarios for discussing a time where you had to have a difficult conversation at work, or a time where you had to take on a new project or overcome a problem that you weren’t expecting, could prove to be particularly valuable to a Hiring Manager. 

In DePaul’s employer engagement, we’ve seen a few industries within business ramp up their hiring on Handshake.

  • Internet and Software, Accounting, and Manufacturing are the top industries with positions in business who have posted on Handshake within the last 10 days.
  • On a global scale, LinkedIn’s latest hiring report shows positive growth in the countries like China and France that have reopened.
  • In Chicago, we’ve seen decline plateau, with all 6 industries averaging out at a rate of .25% in positive growth. That average was brought up by the heavyweight Accounting hiring sector, which saw a sharp increase of 11.1% in numbers of unique postings since last June.
  • If global trends are consistent, Chicago will hopefully see growth in hiring soon.

Updated 6/5/2020

Given the rapid changes associated with the pandemic, we will be regularly sharing reporting trends in hiring sectors across the Chicagoland area in the Business, Entrepreneurship, and Consulting career community. 

One of the new initiatives launched by the DePaul Career Center Marketing Communications Team that your organization should be aware of is our Senior 2020 Spotlight! We are compiling a list of DePaul graduates with unique skills, experiences and interests who are currently seeking employment opportunities. We’ve arranged this in easy-to-search industry sectors, and using this platform is a great way to quickly source available talent for your open opportunities.

Senior 2020 Spotlight Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Grads: 

Additionally, if you are looking to hire for positions, our DePaul students are actively utilizing Handshake at a higher rate. We’ve seen an increase in engagement at 39.4% with Alumni, and 9.7% with Undergraduate students. That’s great news for employers who are looking for candidates with more work experience for positions; our alumni are active! 

Looking at the broader Chicagoland area hiring trends, recent updates in the EMSI reports show a unique posting decrease averaging at 6% across the Accounting, Banking, Hospitality and Retail, Marketing and Sales, and Logistics and Supply Chain industries. This is expected, with the uncertainty of the pandemic impacting hiring timelines. Another interesting finding is the commonality of top skills across the Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting Career Community; organizations report Management, Communication and Leadership as their most sought after skills they are seeking in candidates. How do these skills align with your organization’s needs?

We’d love to have a conversation with you about how you can effectively engage with DePaul students and alumni during this time! Please connect with us at or 312-362-5201 to learn ways to build your virtual brand and hire talented and passionate DePaul students. 

This Week’s Hiring Trends: Health Care & Science

Updated 8/21/2020

HCS Hospital Spotlight: Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

In this new Health Care & Science Career Community series, we will be highlighting a different hospital system each month!  

The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) describes itself as “the first-ever “translational” research hospital where clinicians, scientists, innovators and technologists work together in the same space, applying research in real time to physical medicine and rehabilitation.”  AbilityLab is a global leader in rehabilitation for adults and children with “innovation centers” for brain, spinal cord, nerve/muscle/bone, pediatric and cancer-related injuries and conditions.  AbilityLab conducts research and is a training site for physical therapy, occupational therapy and medical students too.  They even have a state-of-the-art adaptive sports and fitness facility to ensure people of all abilities can stay active!

A major hospital like the AbilityLab has 3000+ employees, and they are currently hiring!

Interested in research?  Apply to be a Research Assistant in the Center for Rehabilitation Outcomes Research.  Work as a Patient Dining Assistant in a part-time role or as a Laboratory Technician in a full-time position.  Learn about rehab work as a Rehabilitation Technician.  Nursing students and alumni can also view AbilityLab’s nursing careers page to apply for current openings.  To apply and to find more open positions, visit the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab’s careers page.  

Many other hospital employers regularly post jobs on Handshake, so remember to complete your Handshake profile!   There are over 900 employers with active postings who are looking to hire DePaul students right now! Meet with your Health Care & Science Career Advisor to make sure you are showcasing the skills and experiences employers are looking for. 

Updated 7/17/2020

In this new Health Care & Science Career Community series, we will be highlighting a different hospital system each month!  

NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) is a health care system with five hospitals and a 900-physician outpatient practice.  NorthShore serves as a primary teaching hospital site for medical students attending the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine.  Additionally, NorthShore has its own research institution and philanthropy foundation.  

Between the hospitals and outpatient practice offices, over 10,000 people work for NorthShore!

NorthShore is currently hiring!  They are hiring for CNAs, EMTs and Student Nurses for their Patient Care Technician role, a great entry-level health care position.  Many positions (include Patient Care Technicians) only require a high school diploma, so you can apply even if you are still a student. 

Other open positions include:

Research Study Coordinator
Laboratory Associate
Patient Access Rep- Call Center

To apply and to find more open positions, visit NorthShore’s Careers page and start your health care career today! 

Many other hospital employers regularly post jobs on Handshake, so remember to complete your Handshake profile!   There are over 900 employers with active postings who are looking to hire DePaul students right now! Meet with your Health Care & Science Career Advisor to make sure you are showcasing the skills and experiences employers are looking for. 

Key takeaways:

  • NorthShore University HealthSystem is one of the major hospital and health care systems in the Chicago area
  • NorthShore employs over 10,000 people and is currently hiring!
  • Nursing students, recent graduates and alumni should visit NorthShore’s Careers page to view and apply for current openings


Updated 7/10/20

Given the rapid changes associated with the pandemic, we will be regularly sharing reporting trends in hiring sectors across the Chicago area in the Health Care & Science career community. 

This week, we’re looking at Health Care & Science industry employers actively recruiting on Handshake: 

Remember the importance of completing your Handshake profile so employers can proactively reach out to you!   There are over 900 employers with active postings who are looking to hire DePaul students right now! Meet with your Health Care & Science Career Advisor to make sure you are showcasing the skills and experiences employers are looking for. 

Key takeaways:

  • Over 900 companies are currently hiring on Handshake!  Complete your Handshake profile so they can contact you!
  • Find open positions in Health Care & Science industries in government, large companies and startups.
  •  Meet with your Health Care & Science Career Advisor for advice in your job search process!


Updated 6/24/2020

What can I do with a passion for health care besides clinical professions?  One idea is to consider a career in healthcare administration.   Health care is a business and, like every other business, it needs good management to keep it running smoothly.  One area of increasing importance is electronic health records (EHR)- these are used for tracking patient visits, medical histories, recording laboratory results, tracking insurance and payment information and providing preventative health education.  Professionals who manage EHR may be called Health Information Technicians, Medical Records Technicians, Health Services Managers or Medical Coding Specialists.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), health information technician and related jobs are expected to grow 11% in the next 5-8 years.  As the US older adult population ages, the BLS expects demand to continue to increase for professionals to manage increasingly-complex electronic health records.   Vault recommends being hands-on and organized, and also indicates that the hiring outlook is higher than average for aspiring health information technicians.  According to EMSI, 84% of health information technician postings in Illinois in 2019-2020 required 0-3 years of experience, so many positions are appropriate for recent college graduates.  

Find health information positions at hospitals, medical practices, city/state health departments, insurance companies and EHR platform providers.  Some of the major EHR platform providers include:

Epic (you have probably used their platform MyChart at your most recent medical appointment)

Health care management will continue to remain important through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, so explore a career in this growing field today!

Key takeaways:

  • Turn your passion for health sciences into a career in health care administration
  • Health Information Technologists manage the large volumes of data in health care through Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Health Information Technology and related fields are expected to grow by 11% in the next 5-8 years; 84% of recently posted positions require 0-3 years of experience
  • Look for positions at hospitals, medical practices, health departments, insurance companies and EHR platform providers


Updated: 6/12/2020

Environmental Science and Sustainability

What can I do with a passion for environmental science or studies? One way is to turn your interests into a career in sustainability. What does this mean? According to UCLA, it is developing operating processes to meet the needs of present users with deep concern for future generations– especially as it relates to natural resource management.  Sustainability practices “support ecological, human and economic health and vitality… presuming that resources are finite and should be used wisely.” Put another way, sustainability “is about our children and our grandchildren, and the world we will leave them.”  

According to DePaul’s Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) network, several DePaul alumni work in sustainability or related industries. Job titles include:

  • Atmospheric Scientist, Grants Officer for a sustainability department at a large nonprofit
  • Sustainability Manager for a food services company
  • Project Lead for a plant and chemicals company
  • Geospatial Engineer for a wildlife conservation organization 
  • Project Manager for a sustainable software company 
  • Volunteer Services for an arboretum 

All DePaul students and alumni should join the ASK network to connect with alums in these fields and others! 

Explore your career in sustainability today!  Here are some internships and jobs currently live on Handshake:

Search for more positions
on Handshake here! Filter by employer industry or use keywords like “sustainability” or “environmental” (or “sustainability” + “project manager”) to explore more related positions.  

Our Health Care & Science Career Community Advisor, Betsy Cahill, has a background in environmental studies and experience working in the environmental sustainability and clean energy fields.  She would love to talk with you more about various career paths – make an advising appointment today!

Environmental resources continue to be valuable and disappearing, so it is up to the next generation of sustainability professionals to ensure our natural resources are efficiently managed for years to come! 

Key Takeaways:

  • “Sustainability” means working efficiently with limited natural resources to support many facets of health and economics
  • Many DePaul alumni work in sustainability fields, and you can connect with them through the ASK network
  • Handshake also includes many jobs in sustainability fields!  Use keywords or search by industry to explore further. 


DePaul Career Center Remote Resources

We know the world can seem like an overwhelming place at the moment. We are here to help. Schedule an appointment to meet with us virtually and check out the resources included below.

Career Advising Appointments

Worker using computer

Career advising appointments are still available and currently being held virtually via phone or Zoom. Schedule an appointment to review your resume, discuss your career pathways, prepare for an interview and more!

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Mon: 9:00am -5:30pm, T/W/Th: 9:00am-7:00pm,
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Our Peer Career Coaches are now offering drop-in coaching sessions for DePaul students and alumni. Peers can review your resume or cover letter, provide general career guidance, and answer questions about Handshake, LinkedIn and other Career Center resources.

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Searching for a job or internship?


Handshake is our career platform and employers are posting there every day! 80% of students with updated profiles get contacted by recruiters.

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Career Resource Library
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Check out our library of over 50 handouts on a wide variety of career topics, ranging from preparing for a video interview to tailoring your resume and cover letter for a specific role. Our most popular handout is Resume Basics!

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Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)

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Social distancing doesn’t mean disconnecting! Search for and connect with over 1,500 alumni volunteers for career, academic and life advice on the DePaul ASK network.

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