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Build a Rockstar LinkedIn Profile!

Megan Boone

There are thousands of different platforms and ways to connect with folks nowadays. It’s hard to identify which platforms to invest in building. That being said, LinkedIn should be high on your list to join. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social networking platform that offers a ton of helpful resources to support you through your professional career. Not sure where to start with building a profile, looking to make your profile stand out for employers? Here are 5 tips and tricks to create a rockstar profile.

Your LinkedIn profile should not be an exact replica of your resume.

When building your profile, LinkedIn prompts you to include different sections such as your experiences and an education section, very similar to your resume. You’ll of course still include your full history of various experiences you’ve had (such as jobs, internships, volunteering, research, etc.). Rather than including every accomplishment statement of your responsibilities from your resume, choose 1-2 overarching statements for LinkedIn that summarizes your role. Pro tip: for each role, showcase a handful of hard transferable skills

Select a photo and banner photo that represents you and your personality.

A picture says a thousand words they say… Choose a picture that is professional, clear, and friendly! Your picture is one of the first things an individual will see when clicking on your profile, first impressions are important. Pro tip: don’t overlook your banner photo. It’s easy to overlook adding a picture for your banner, choose an image that represents you, your background, or your personality.

Be strategic and creative in your headline.

Your headline doesn’t just have to include your name, current job title, and company, be creative. Looking for a new job or summer internship? Incorporate that language into your headline. You may also choose to share your personality in your headline by showcasing a couple of keywords that describe you, your values, and what you stand for.

Share a succinct summary.

What should you include in your summary? This section gives you the freedom to share more about yourself, what you’re looking for if you’re actively searching for a new opportunity, your goals, etc. This is one of the first things a viewer will see when they click on your profile. It’s important to include this section to catch the eye of the viewer and encourage them to engage with your profile. 

Select “Open to” if you are actively searching for new opportunities.

Whether you’re a current student searching for internships, a graduating senior looking to pursue a career post grad, or a career changer wanting to pursue a new opportunity, clicking this option on your profile will alert recruiters and employers that you are open to opportunities. The pop up window allows you to click through your preferences such as what types of job titles you’d be interested in, in person vs. remote workplaces, locations, and more. 

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool for anyone to utilize throughout their career journey. Taking all of these tips and tricks into account when building a profile from scratch or editing what you’ve previously built can help take your profile to the next level. 


Have specific questions on building your LinkedIn profile? Want someone to review your profile? That’s exactly where we come in. Whether you’re a freshman or alumnus, it’s never too early (or too late!) to utilize our services. Book an appointment with Megan, or another member of the Career Center advising community through Handshake, or by calling the front desk at (773) 325-7431.

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