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It’s a Perfect Time to Up Your Skills

By: Flavio Diaz, Career Community Ambassador

Take some time this break to further your abilities. Upskilling facilitates continuous learning by providing development opportunities that expand abilities and minimize skill gaps. Upskilling focuses on improving current skill sets to advance in jobs and to find different roles and opportunities.

Upskilling techniques include:

  • Virtual or online courses such as LinkedIn Learning*
  • Mentoring and shadowing
  • “lunch-and-learn” sessions / informational interviews
  • Microlearning

* Taught by accomplished teachers and recognized industry experts, LinkedIn Learning is a high-quality resource for students, faculty and staff looking to develop skills. Topics include Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, social media, web design, animation, photography, audio and video production, project management, leadership, marketing and communication, just to name a few. Activate your Blue Demon Discount

Why is upskilling important?

Technology continues to rapidly change the way most organizations operate. In response, students must consistently add to their technical knowledge and skill sets. As job requirements change and new skills are required, companies are forced to either find new talent or fill the gap through upskilling.

Overall, upskilling is important because:

  • job roles and their requirements are changing faster than ever;
  • employees expect more opportunities for growth within their roles
  • it helps an organization stay more competitive by closing skill gaps;
  • it decreases the need to recruit outside the company to fill skill gaps;
  • it increases employee satisfaction, boosting motivation, performance and morale

Although you may be learning essential skills within your courses, upskilling during a break is the perfect way to prepare for a new quarter!

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