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Student Spotlight: Anabel Diaz

By: Flavio Diaz, Career Community Ambassador

The Career Center spotlight is a space to highlight the success of our fellow blue demons. These students have taken the time to chat with me and answer a few questions related to their career journeys.

During my advising sessions I have had more than one student tell me that they felt anxious and stressed when they compared their career and academic achievement to those of their “high-achieving peers.” It is important to consider that every person has their own journey and timeline. Take these stories as a guidance and examples of the various paths of development that you could emulate with your own.

In this installment, let’s hear story of Anabel Diaz. Anabel is a third year student in a Management and MIS career path and a  Greenwood Project Scholar. The Greenwood Project is a nonprofit organization that helps create career pathways in the financial service industry for under-represented students. In doing so, they also work with companies in finding equitable and inclusive solutions by placing scholars in finance internships in reputable financial service companies for 6 weeks.

What is your role/title? I worked at William Blair in their Hospitality & Events department focusing on project management. I was also a finance intern at Greenwood Project where I gained the proper skills to succeed in a financial internship like evaluating company analysis, financial markets, regulations and valuations.

​​What was the organization? I worked at William Blair for my summer internship in a 6-week program. William Blair is a premier global boutique with expertise in investment banking, investment management and private wealth management.

What were some of the resources (DePaul-affiliated or not) that helped you in your journey? A few resources that helped me on my journey were the Career Center and my peers! The Career Center is a great place to go for mock interviews and resume review. Everyone that I met in the Career Center for help was knowledgeable about the organization to help me prepare properly. Also, my peers who were previously involved with the Greenwood Project were a great resource by mentoring me along the way from the beginning to the end of the 10 weeks.

What are some key takeaways from your experience? Some major takeaways from my experience this summer with the Greenwood Project and William Blair would be; your ambition will take you far if you are serious and hard-work does pay off. Sometimes the most unexpected obstacles come your way and it’s up to you to find a solution if you really want an opportunity. With your hard-work, tasks that are hard are rewarding in the end knowing that you tried your best at them.

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