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AI vs Humans: The Future World of Work

It has been projected that most of the routine tasks that we see today will be assigned to machines and algorithms in the near future. In fact, some argue that the future is already here – machines are hard at work as I type this now. Researchers Ratcheva and Leopold profiled a range of industries and predict that, by 2022, 42% (a 45% increase) will be performed by machines and algorithms.

To remain competitive in this dynamic market, we must make strategic decisions as we make academic progress. According to EAB, below are the top ten emerging jobs by 2022:

  1. Data Analysts and Scientists
  2. AI and Machine Learning Specialists
  3. General and Operations Managers
  4. Software and Applications Developers and Analysts
  5. Sales and Marketing Professionals
  6. Big Data Specialists
  7. Digital Transformation Specialists
  8. New Technology Specialists
  9. Organizational Development Specialists
  10. Information Technology Services

It is also interesting to note that the skills needed to match these jobs are changing too, it is leaning towards a mixture of both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills. An appreciable level of technical expertise and a willingness to learn more on the job. Analytical thinking, innovation, active learning and complex problem solving are some of the skills that most employers will be looking out for.

At the Career Center, we can help you define your skill set in these key business areas and help you stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.

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