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Class of 2020 will enter a workforce that is different from any other in recent history. Despite the uncertainty in the job market, there are still many options available to students. Check out our recent blog on Hot Jobs for 2020 Tech Grads

To be prepared for what’s ahead, consider these insights from employers to the Class of 2020 in the Technology & Design Career Community.


Take care of your mental health

No one predicted a pandemic, and it’s natural to have a range of emotions. Taking time to process what is happening around you will give you structure and balance as you enter the job market. Consider taking some time to decide what your next step will be.


Create a strategy & set boundaries

Set yourself up for success by creating a strategy for your job search. Setting boundaries around the job search is important.  Start by getting yourself organized through creating a daily schedule to follow. Schedule time in your day to review job descriptions, conduct company research, and research professionals with similar roles. 


Don’t assume that no one is hiring

While many industries have been hit hard by COVID, there are still many companies hiring for tech roles. One sector of the technology sphere, telehealth, is growing rapidly and the demand for IT professionals will continue to rise. Additionally, take a look at this list of 500 companies that are hiring now. Follow the hashtag #nowhiring and #gethired on LinkedIn to stay current on who is hiring. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that while companies are actively hiring, they are potentially moving at a slower pace with their recruiting timelines. “Some of our hiring timelines have shifted a bit. For example, we had to delay the hiring of our Data Engineer by a couple of months to see how things played out, once things are a little more solidified, we will be ready to hire more staff” Brandon Allen, Senior Associate Director of Analytics at the University of Chicago


Create connections

Developing connections and expanding your network is crucial during this time. When contacting recruiters for jobs or industry professionals for advice, be mindful of the person on the other end of the message. Consider your objectives and decide on your strategy. For example, try approaching a recruiter from a place of relationship-building. “I like it when candidates begin a dialogue with me to connect for reasons beyond a predictable transactional interaction,”Mary Despe, Talent Acquisition at UPS.  

Bottom Line: There are still many options available to you! Things may move at a slower pace than you expect, but start by creating your game plan, organizing yourself, and making connections. 


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