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Congratulations on Your Acceptance to DePaul University!

Welcome! Please press play for a message from Karyn McCoy, the university’s Assistant Vice President for the Career Center:

At DePaul, we are focused on empowering you to succeed. Our Career Center helps students like you identify interests, build skills and navigate all things career-related from your very first day as a DePaul student. 

We are excited to help you set and reach your goals! As you weigh your options, we invite you to connect with us at the Career Center. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions or sit down to talk with you.

Remember, your success is our mission. As a Blue Demon, you can count on us as a guide while you Explore, Connect, and Build Experience. Here are just a few of the many ways we do this:


Our Career Communities model is designed to help you explore, make connections and create your success story. By joining one or more of our communities as a DePaul student, you gain direct access to career advisors, industry experts, alumni, faculty and employers who will help you cultivate the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. Career Communities are also a great way to connect with fellow students who share your interests! 


At DePaul, we recognize the value of connecting with experienced peers who have successfully navigated the decisions you are faced with now. Our Career Ambassadors are student leaders who are eager to share their insights and help you weigh your options.  

Building your network beyond campus is also part of the DePaul experience. The DePaul Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Network includes over 1500 alumni mentors from all industries who are eager to help our current students. DePaul students can reach out to or meet with these alumni to chat about their work, conduct job shadows, receive insider guidance on landing a position and more. 


With the city of Chicago at your fingertips, opportunities to apply what you learn in the classroom through internships are endless for those who choose DePaul.

Last year, DePaul students had access to over 15,000 internships that employers posted through our office. Employers recruit with us because they recognize the value of a DePaul education and the caliber of our students. 

Our students are also able to build experience through our robust on-campus student employment program. These paid, student held positions can allow you to develop skills and a professional edge, putting you on the track to success while you study.

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