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DePaul Diaries: Life as a Recruiting Intern

By: Renee Radzom, DePaul University graduate, former University Internship Program (UIP) assistant

DePaul Diaries is a day-in-the-life blog series written by DePaul students. The series unveils DePaulians’ experiences as interns in their field of choice. Students share their honest thoughts about their experiences, what they learned as an intern and advice for students who are interested in the same field.

How important is having multiple experiences on your resume? Dania Din, PRAD major, feels that you should get as much experience as you can before you graduate. Dania, who will graduate in June, was on the hunt for a full-time position and was applying at many places, including LaSalle Network.

…Get as much experience as you can before you graduate.

Although she was told that it was a bit early to apply for a full-time role, she was encouraged by the LaSalle team to apply for an internship position. So, she did just that; Dania decided that she wanted to get as much experience as possible and set up a foundation to possibly join the growing company full-time in the future.

Before getting to this point, Dania had two other internship experiences and a summer study abroad trip. While these were great opportunities, Dania said that it was worth it to add one more experience to her resume by accepting an internship with LaSalle.

Overall, Dania said she loves working with the LaSalle team, and the experience has been positive. One of her favorite aspects of interning at LaSalle is that the environment is team oriented.

“I’m able to have an open, transparent and communicative relationship with a variety of individuals. My team is also super fun and always laughing and cracking jokes,” Dania explained.

Jokes aside, Dania also really enjoys the work; she is in charge of recruitment and the initial screening process for candidates seeking employment. She also manages job postings and works on recruitment strategies. With this experience and her great team, Dania said she’s learning the value of hard work. “The people at LaSalle work exceptionally hard and they are all 100% invested in the success of the company, not just a paycheck.”

Being involved with the recruitment process at LaSalle, Dania pours over resumes regularly, which means she can attest to the fact that the more experience you have, the better chances of you getting chosen. Dania said the resumes she receives that have some type of experience always catch her eye and will most likely be chosen over a resume with no experience. She went on to say that candidates can apply the skills and education from past experiences to the position they are applying for, which is a key advantage.

Through her own internships, Dania has learned what work environments she prefers and has completely changed career paths. Her biggest piece of advice is, “you should do as much as you can to gain experience for your resume and to learn what you’re looking for in a full-time position post-graduation!”

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