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Interviewing: The Pre, The Post & The Interview Itself

By: Kaitlyn Roberts, DePaul University communications major ’18

You got the interview! Congrats! Now, are you prepared to nail it from start to finish? Here are some helpful tips to do just that.

Before the Interview

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Do your research: Stalk this company’s website like you would the Facebook profile of that cute person in your Math class.

Practice: Interview Stream is a great tool if you have access to it, or, practice with a friend or family member.

Be prepared: One of the most valuable and underutilized tools on campus is the Career Center. If you haven’t stopped by for an informational packet, met with a peer career advisor, or taken advantage of the free-to-you resume and cover letter editing checks, you and your future could truly be missing out. DePaul’s fabulous Career Centers are located on both the Lincoln Park [Schmitt Academic Center, 2320 N. Kenmore, Room 192] and Loop [DePaul Center, 1 East Jackson, Suite 9500] campuses.

Get plenty of sleep: The night before, you need to get a good night’s rest! Turn down for interviews, kiddos.

Dress to impress: First off, make sure you do in fact have clothes on, and second that you leave your lucky T-Pain t-shirt at home. But hey, if you can conceal it under your clothes then more power to you, woo!

During the Interview:

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Be confident: Give a solid handshake; don’t “pound it” with your new boss until at least your second day on the job.

Body language speaks louder than words: Give your full attention, maintain eye contact and don’t fidget too much – be calm.

Be on time: Actually, be about 15 minutes early. Just a suggestion.

Provide a copy of your resume: Bring resumes and other materials that may be required.

Thank the interviewer: Being pleasant is good. Pleasant. Good. Pleasant is good. Be that.

Always ask (at least one or two) appropriate questions: “How much cash money will I be making?” Isn’t one of them.

After the Interview:

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Send a thank you note: Thank the interviewers with an email or note following the meeting.

Follow up appropriately: Show you’re interested! But don’t be the guy that sends 10 emails and another 20 phone calls – why would that even sound like a good idea?

Be patient, grasshopper’: A career doesn’t form overnight. Take a deep breath and be patient with the process.

Learn from your mistakes, and take note: “The T-pain shirt wasn’t a great idea… I won’t do that next time… maybe.”

Interviews are a learning experience. If you don’t end up getting the job it wasn’t meant to be. There will be more, even better opportunities that come your way and you can sleep easy knowing you gave it your all! Remember to stop by the Career Center today to get a leg up on your future.

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