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Get Real With: Bloodshot Records

By: Olivia Alfaro, DePaul University health sciences major ’18

Gettin’ real with Sales and Distribution Manager Pete Klockau of Bloodshot Records. In this employer spotlight post, get an inside look at what it would be like to intern with a record label.


monochrome hipster vintage label , badge " let's rock " for poster , flayer or t-shirt print with plectrum, starburst and rayBloodshot Records is a record label dedicated to helping passionate and talented musicians in their path to creating memorable and exciting music. Bloodshot helps musicians who create music in various genres such as punk, rock, country, soul, and other genres. If you have a love for music, enjoy working hard, and are interested in pursuing a career in the music industry, an internship at Bloodshot would be excellent. Pete Klockau, sales and distribution manager of Bloodshot, has shared with us what it is like for interns to work at their company, what they should expect, and what Bloodshot looks for in the interns they hire.

An intern at Bloodshot must be a hard worker ready to devote one full day of their week to work. Interns will get the feel of running a record label. “The more inquisitive and ready to learn about the nuts-and-bolts they are, the better,” Klockau said. When going in for an interview, they want potential interns to be knowledgeable about their label, and demonstrate a true affinity and excitement for the their artists.

Bloodshot is supportive of the bands they work with, and the employees are always eager to work. The most exciting and hardest part about working here is to see how a, “small and efficient community the independent music industry can be.”

Just how small you ask? Well the company has a total of six employees. Due to the small staff, each member has many important tasks including communicating with the bands and answering emails and phone calls. They also create spreadsheets, generate mailings, “and due to the tiny DIY nature of the indie biz,” they stuff envelopes and unload trucks themselves. The environment is laid back, but with all those tasks it can get hectic, yet that is all part of the fun.

Klockau shares that the intern’s various tasks, “range from helping stay on top of our radio, press, and social networking and helping talk to record stores, to helping with promotional mailings, posters, and postcards. We try to tailor each intern’s experience with where their interests lie.” This business is not just a place to get a real hands-on experience, that is helpful for undergraduates down the road for graduate school, but it is also an educational experience where interns are encouraged to ask questions and retrieve as much information as they can during their time there.

When it comes to skills, Klockau mentioned, “The most crucial thing is really just experiencing and knowing more fully what it takes to work with bands and promote a record at a full-service record label in the modern era.” If an intern thinks working in a record label is glamorous, they’re mistaken. It is a lot of hard work, but those who truly have a passion for this type of work must love it and believe in what they’re creating. The staff work to, “paint a realistic picture for what to expect after college should they choose to pursue the indie route.” Many of the staff at this record label started off as interns, and now THEIR interns pursue many different jobs within the industry.

Even though landing an internship can be difficult, it can also be one of the best and most rewarding decisions. Klockau‘s advice for people pursing their dreams is, “No matter where you work, make sure you love what you’re doing, love what you’re promoting and embrace it, wherever you are.” He also says to never be afraid to ask questions because it is the only way to learn and is the smartest thing you can do. So, interns, make sure you get the best out of what you are pursing and love what you are learning.

No matter where you work, make sure you love what you’re doing…

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