Meet Peter Wild Crea, Rehabilitation Aide at Athletico

The Health Care & Science (HCS) Career Community wants to introduce students to a wide range of careers from popular clinical roles (e.g., nurse, physician, veterinarian) to jobs like healthcare data analytics, health administration, or biotech research.  

Today, we want to highlight a fantastic job seen on the resumes of numerous DePaul students: Rehabilitation Assistant or Aide at Athletico. In a recent virtual interview, Debbie Kaltman (HCS Employer Engagement Specialist) met with Peter Wild Crea (DePaul ‘22, Health Sciences) to discuss his educational experiences, career journey, and insights for students interested in clinical health professions. 

As a current pre-med student at DePaul, Peter’s passion for health and patient care allowed him to explore many opportunities on and off campus. Shadowing a physical therapist at Athletico led to a job as a Rehabilitation Aide in which Peter has a wide range of responsibilities, including patient support, sanitation, and administrative work. Through this role, Peter builds close relationships with patients, learns about the human body and healthcare systems, and gains valuable clinical experience. Additionally, Peter continues to create opportunities for himself and develop his skills as a Peer Health Educator and student organization leader in order to prepare for a future in medical school.

A valuable token of advice from Peter for fellow students: “Lead with your passion, but also allow your passions to change.”

Check out the full video below to learn more!

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Student Success Story: Antonio Garcia

Many companies are unfortunately rescinding offers to 2020 grads due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many companies are still hiring and as one offer closes, others may arise.

We connected with Antonio Garcia, a DePaul 2020 grad, to talk about his experiences and successes interviewing and applying for jobs in the COVID-19 job market.

Antonio majored in computer science and was able to interview for some of the big 5 tech companies, including Google and Facebook. He shared his journey with us, going through how he was able to recover from an offer being rescinded, what resources he used to help prepare for technical interviews, and how he ultimately was hired in a civilian role with the U.S. Navy doing work in virtual and augmented reality.