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Do You Know Who Your Career Advisor Is?

Our Career Community Advisors are remote and here to help you navigate the current job market! Not sure which community is right for you? Learn more about each career community below.


Betsy Cahill, Health Care and Science

Health Care and Science is a community focused on improving lives by applying research and technology to fieldwork, clinical environments, lab functions, and a wide variety of other roles. You would be interested in this community if your career interests include caring for those who are ill, safety and health concerns of general populations, and the use of knowledge of science to make the world a better place.

Quarantine Fact: To pass the time, Betsy has been learning how to play the guitar!


Lorne Bobren, Technology and Design

Whether you are a creative genius or an all-star programmer, this community focuses on the implementation of skill-sets anchored in visual design, interactivity, technology, user experience, visual communication and creativity. Do you enjoy working with data, problem solving, and analytics? This community is for you! Do you enjoy communicating visually through various forms of artistic expression? Look no further! This community has YOU written all over it!

Quarantine Fact: To pass the time Lorne has been learning how to make banana bread!


Jen Fleming and Megan Boone (Interim), Education, Nonprofit and Government

The ENPG community meets the needs of students and alumni interested in serving the public in various roles and settings including both k-12 and higher education, public service, social service, community agencies, museums, and professional organizations. One common tie that these industries have is the desire to work with people and provide services to the public. You would be interested in this community if your career interests include helping and advocating for others, often for underrepresented populations, educating children and adults, solving societal issues, creating policy and serving in government roles.

Quarantine Fact: To pass the time, Megan is trying out a bunch of at-home work outs!


Ed Childs, Exploring Careers & Interests

The Career Exploration Community helps students and alumni learn about themselves and explore career paths. Whether you are unsure of what is possible, weighing a few different options or fall somewhere in between, the Career Exploration Community is here to support and guide you. Using the lenses of interests, values, and skills we help you navigate your personal career path and work towards a successful and gratifying career.

Quarantine Fact: To pass the time, Ed has been making a DIY mask from Scuba equipment and a vacuum cleaner bag!

Kalin Noel September, 2017

Kalin Noel, Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting

The Business, Entrepreneurship, and Consulting Community serves students and alumni interested in the utilization of strategy and analysis to help organizations function efficiently. This community is for you if you’re interested in corporate functions such as leadership, analytics, operations, and business development. Some careers you might be curious about are accounting, finance, consulting, hospitality, sales, relationship development, and more.

Quarantine Fact: To pass the time, Kalin has been playing old video games that give him nostalgia!

Sydney Haliburton

Sydney Haliburton, Media, Communication, Arts and Entertainment

Members of this community are interested in careers that use various forms of media, writing, and communication to produce creative content and expression. What each branch of this community has in common is an emphasis on strong written and interpersonal skills, artistic/creative expression, and an understanding of relevant communication and information channels across industries including (but not limited to) journalism, public relations, advertising, digital marketing, film, and arts administration.

Quarantine Fact: To pass the time, Sydney has been participating in a book exchange with her friends!

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